Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Handcreams & Handbag essentials

Love my hand creams. £2 and £3.50

Hand cream has become one of my Beauty Essential and must have in my bag, Whether it’s Winter, Spring or Summer. Naturally I know to keep my face and body moisturised because it’s part of my daily routine, but my hands is often neglected. My hands lately (especially after having kids and always putting it in water) were always quite chapped especially at the finger tips/ inner middle and they also felt really rough too which was not a nice look at all for me, even my Hubby complained. Luckily I came across Beauty Formula Hand Cream and Cuticura Hand Cream at just the right moment! I was pleasantly surprised by how both these hand creams worked magic on my hands, one is a Light texture while the other is a thick heavy duty cream but I love how they both run smoothly to my hands when I rub them in without giving me any grease. These creams contain natural oils, calming chamomile and beeswax to protect the hands from extreme weather or nourish them when they need it most and I use it regularly for soft mitts. They smell nice enough for me but when I really want that delicious lovely floral sense to my hands, I use my Gucci lotion…it smells AMAZING…OMG, its so sensual and has an unmistakable feminine appeal ever!
Gucci by Gucci lotion...Amazeballs! £31.50

My antibacterial hand gel helps sanitizer my hands when soap and water aren’t available. It is an alcohol based sanitizing gel that kills 99% of bacteria on contact, making it a top choice for me whenever I step out of the house.
Mouth freshener - This is my go to instant breath refresher (in-between/after) a long day, just 2-3 spray gives my mouth a blast that last.
Lastly my Vaseline, filled with petroleum jelly, this helps chap any cracks/rough or dry surface on my skin. I use it for my whole family and it's one of our MUSTHAVE product at home. I also make sure I always have chewing gum in my bag as well, sorry I forgot to take a pic. Gums are another essential every woman should have in their handbag.  Toodlers

Antibacterial gel £2. Mouth freshener spray £2.50. Vaseline for moist £1.69



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