Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Money saver eyeshadows palette

Money saver 120 Eyeshadow palette

I got myself the first edition of these 120 eyeshadows palette and till date I will say I am still very pleased with my purchase. These Shadows are so pigmented, bright and vivid, they have almost all colours you can think of and comes in various shades of one particular colour, it contains mostly matte finishes but includes a good share of metallics, shimmers and glitters that blends easily as well. This palette really helps me especially when having to do makeup for many clients at one go, it’s a super saver and I strongly recommend it if you are a MUA. I always use my benefit primer as a base for these eyeshadows so their colours can be more vibrant as they are quite powdery and fall out a lot. I definitely recommend this palette to everyone, not just MUA as it’s very professional alongside your other expensive shadows and can work for you no matter your preference (high end or drugstore). The package of this palette comes in a black matte plastic case, not quite impressive but doesn’t really matter to me as am more concerned about the product inside. It comes in two plastic shelves, stacked on top of each other, that can both be completely taken out of the outer packaging if you want to, It also has a little red ribbons to help you remove them from the packaging. I am very happy to have this palette and will repurchase it whenever I run out of this one, which by the way I’ve had for 3 years now. Happy midweek,  xoxo bynki

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