Thursday, 11 July 2013

Mac pigments and ways to use them

Mac pigments. £17.00

Pigments are Eyeshadows but simply a loose form of it in intense colours. When you purchase regular eyeshadows from MAC, those are just pigments that have been pressed and packed together to make them easy for you to use as eyeshadows. The unique thing about buying loose pigments is that you’re not limited to ONLY using them as eyeshadows, you can use them for various other things! Always try a pigment first, without committing to buying the full size yet. There’s enough in the small size to use and decide if you like it and not much waste if you don’t. Continue to view below and see the different way you can customize and use your pigments

Very intense concentrated colours, these pigments

As a metallic eyeshadow: Put the pigment in a small pot and add a little drop of MAC’s Fix+ (if you have) or simple water and apply wet to the eye. This method can uncover hidden colours in the pigment and make more sheer pigments stronger.

As an eyeliner: Just as with the eyeshadow process, mix the pigment in a pot, much heavier this time and apply wet to the lashline with an eyeliner brush.

As a coloured mascara: Use disposable mascara wands, dip them into a small pot  with the pigment inside and apply to the eyes.

As a nail polish: Pour a small amount of your pigment onto a paper plate and pour out a similarly small amount of clear nail polish and mix together, applying to your nails with nailbrush. Always wipe your brush with nail polish remover so the pigment doesn’t dry up and stick to your nail brush.

As a lipstick: You can apply pigments to your lips by mixing them in with a clear lip gloss or a moisturizing lip balm. Regular lipsticks can dry out your lips, but mixing a pigment in with your regular lip moisturizer means you won’t be drying out your lips.

As a blush: Just pour a small amount out onto a small pot or a small paper plate, dab your brush around in it and apply lightly to the cheeks, that simply

As a highlighter: Apply a small amount to a blush or contour brush and sweep lightly onto the cheeks, bridge of the nose, collarbone and cleavage area.

Finally as a glowing skin: Take a small amount of pigment, mix it in with your foundation and apply as normal.

The best benefit of using pigments is the ability to create your own custom colours, just take two or three pigments, mix them together and you’ll have your own custom colour. The combinations are endless and you can then use them in any of the ways above and have a colour made especially for you, by you that no one else is wearing! We all love custom made and this time made easy by ourselves. Toodlers  xoxo bynki

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