Saturday, 13 July 2013

Nina Ricci eyeshadow

Nina Ricci Mauve D'Epice. £6.99
I recently bought this gorgeous eyeshadow from the Nina Ricci range and I’ve got to say I love love, love, I've never brought any products from her range as it’s a little bit pricey and there seems to be no buzz about her comestic range from makeup lovers. The casing of this eye shadow is really impressive and  it's got a large mirror/brush inside as well as being really sturdy. I got myself the plush duo eyeshadow 10 Mauve D’Epice, it’s a combination of powder and cream intense colour which looks amazing, natural, cool, feels very moisturizing and glides on easily over eyelids. I was really impressed and happy with the result when the product was on. Will gladly repurchase this product again

Cream and powder eyeshadow, Lovely

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