Sunday, 30 June 2013

Quick daily fix

Hey guys, how's everybody doing? hope you're all having a Fab Sunday. I just had the most delicious yummy lunch ever and now just lounging in the sun. So enough of me, lets talk makeup! I notice we ladies normally make one mistake or the other when we apply our makeups, especially when we're in a hurry. We tend to just grab whatever we lay our hands on, apply it quickly on our faces and hit the door. I decided to come up with these quick makeup fixes you can do to prevent the most common makeup mistakes you normally encounter in your daily makeup routine!

1. Always apply your mascara to the root of the lashes and not the tips! It makes it look more natural and longer
2. Don’t use too much blush, apply just one sweep on your blush brush and spread above you cheekbone, then use a stippling brush to blend out especially if you’ve made a mistake of putting too much on your face. Also use loose powder to soften it or apply a little foundation to blend over.
3. When you get too much Mascara Smudges on your lashes, don’t wipe off immediately! Let it dry first and It will rub off easily! Trust me!!!!

4. Always use a primer to avoid your Lipstick Smearing! MAC do them, MUFE do them, Drugstores do them, get yourself one, They are great. Another way is to use an eye primer or foundation to create a line below the lips to create a barrier and help your lipstick from slipping beyond your lips!

5. Always apply all your Eyeshadows and correct your mistake before you clean up. Also wipe with a soft wet wipe from you under eye towards the angle of your eyes to even help define your look and make it edgy.

Have a great week ahead, Toodlers!

Tia & Tamera


Twin duo Tia and Tamera Mowry have become quite the entrepreneurs! After recently launching Milky, a lactation enhancement herbal tea supplement to help new mothers breast feed their newborns with enough milk, the sisters are back at it again, this time with a stretch mark fighting product called Stretchy! My friend Chioma in America told me about it and wanted me to share with you guys as she says it does work for real.  She’s sending one down to me so I could try myself and see the wonders because I do have a few stretch mark and my Clarins stretch mark cream really does help it clear, so my fingers are crossed for this one. Looking forward to trying this Stretchy when it lands on my doorstep, will share the review with you

Saturday, 29 June 2013

My 9ja mask

Love Love Love this mask

This is my home made beauty mask. It’s so easy to do and I want to share it with you, it requires only three ingredients (banana, honey and milk). This mask is a winner with me and promises velvety smooth texture to your face, What’s not to love?  First mash up the very ripe banana in a deep bowl, then add a teaspoon of milk powder ( I use Nido powder milk only), then add a teaspoon of honey and mix up everything together very well and that's it! Apply it to your face using your fingers or any Foundation brush, leave for 15 minutes before washing off. HELLO Radiant, Glowing Skin! p.s Thank me later

OCC lip tar

Selfridges £11.50

These lip tar are killing me with love. I need to get myself one at least, I hear they are Amazeballs! (thks gulianna rancic) and cant wait to do a review on it for you guys

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Mac cream blush

Mac blush. £17.50

Luxuriously soft and extremely creamy, this cream blush tenderly flushes my cheeks and brings them into full blown rosy bloom. It blends well and layers exquisitely, I’ve been using Ladyblush, a cool pink for a while now and I can tell you it gives my face a fresh and dewy look. Whenever I wear it, people comment that I look fresh and radiant and that’s really cool to hear from people you don’t even know and a few of my friends have even switched from their regular powder blush to this one because of me. It’s a little thick but very easy to apply, i simply pat on with my fingers then blend with a brush but regular blusher brushes work fine too. This product is highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way. Ladyblush is a great everyday colour and will suit any skin tone, I also love Frankly Scarlet ( i'll do a review on that soon) Toodlers!



Introducing POLO RED, the new Ralph Lauren fragrance for men with a fiery edge and daring confidence. Inspired by the designer’s legendary appeal for collecting luxury cars and the adrenaline rush, it captures speed and seduction in a powerful scent. Grab one for your Man this summer and make him feel in control…It’s what Men love anyways!


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Dior lovely nail polish

Nail polish £18. Available in Selfridges & all Dior counter
The limited Dior Summer Mix Edition 2013 will be hitting the shelves this week and am really excited to try some of the nail polish. It features four Dior blush Cheek in Cream, with non greasy texture that blends easily and four nail polishes in hot, vibrant shades to mix and match. This is an absolutely amazing must-have beauty product for the summer season. For me, it is all about the colour combination of coral and pink as you can see above

Monday, 24 June 2013

MUA Haul & reviews

Blushes £1, glitter eyeliner £1, Kiss proof £3, Eye pencil £1

Hi Guys hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I had a Fab weekend, attended a party and got to see my cousins whom I hadn't seen in like 7years, it was Amazing! Today am going to be talking about Comestic Brand MUA and how £16 got me these many products, can u believe it???. For me MUA has a strong budget shadow formula. The texture of their product are beautiful for such a small price tag and pigmentation is excellent with a rich colour pay off so what you see in the pan translates well to your desired use. This makeup company products are lovely, seriously what’s not to love about them, they are Super Duper CHEAP. Overall  If you’re looking for a good way to get in on some inexpensive makeup products, MUA definitely has solid offerings and I would definitely recommend them, as you will be getting even better value for money.
The shadows are most comparable to the creaminess you’d get from a Stila Eyeshadow. The texture is a cross between a powder and a cream with a velvety, buttery texture that applies and blends like a dream. They do have some bad fall out so I typically rely on sponge tipped applicators to apply them as it helps minimizes fall out for me. This undress me palette is a dupe for urban decay naked palette, no difference what so ever

The blush surprisingly touched me as the pigmentation of this blush is really good, one swipe was all I needed for my face and more than enough for both cheeks. The formula is soft and the blush wears really well on primed skin around 8 hours and un-primed 5 hours before any signs of wear appears

Undress me palette £4, Lip boom £3

The glitter eyeliner is just brilliant. The colours are amazing and it’s so easy to use as it glides on and you can easily apply more layers to get the desired effect you need. It removes easily with any makeup remover and how can you not like this product when it’s only £1.
The lip kiss proof is nice also. The packaging is really cute and because it’s pink, I thought it would look more natural on the lips so I got this one. It looks between natural and hot pink depending on how i apply it. The tip is like that of a sketch pen and it is easy to use, But can dry out very quickly and last about 3-4 hours.

The eye pencil in blue is also nice, I would recommend it to people who are on a budget or who want to expand their liner collection to include bright colours that won't be used too frequently. If however, you are looking for liners that will last all day without smudging, then these aren't for you as they do smudge quite easily and fast too.

The lip boom 4 in 1 lipstick, this formula is a little bit lacking for me but the concept actually works. I think to get the most out of the product all you need is to add a foundation to set, this actually makes an even better coverage and makes the complete look come together and really POP! They are worth looking into as they contain Lipstick, Enhancer, High lighter and Gloss together and I must admit the gloss shade really makes it super wearable. It has a bit of dryness to it, glitter effect not so good but the finished effect may just be worth suffering through some of those issues.
The Nivea anti- perspirant is my Favourite for underarm and I love the fact that it contains pearl extracts in them. It’s a full 48 hours protection care and it doesn’t stain your dress and apply evenly, I LOVE IT especially these tube ones!

l love my lash applicator as it makes fixing my false lashes easy and more fun to apply without my hands shaking and dancing Azonto....Hah Hah Hah

Sunday, 23 June 2013

I finally have Rihanna ririr woo!

RiRi hearts Mac summer collection

RiRi woo lipstick, Barbados Lustre drop

So my RiRi summer collection purchase came in yesterday and I was super excited to try everything I got. The riri woo lipstick is the new twist on the original core collection colour, Ruby Woo!  Rihanna was apparently a huge fan of the colour and I can say it will match quite a lot of skin tones. I think the biggest difference between Ruby Woo and RiRi Woo is that the latter has more blue undertones that give the impression of whiter teeth (bonus). The colour of this lipstick is lovely and I really do like it. The Longevity of it isn't quite there as it didn't last anywhere near as long a Russian Red would. It came off very easily while eating (unlike Russian red that does NOT move!) and I had to top it up after, every time I ate. I also find the texture a bit difficult to work with as it seems very hard and doesn't blend as easily as my other Mac lipsticks. It is a Retro Matte finish so maybe that explains the different texture to the regular matte mac shades. Overall, even with the few little niggles about longevity and texture, I'm really glad i gave into the hype and bought this lipstick. The colour payoff really does out weight any negatives about the product. The collection will be back again online and in store this time in Fall 2013 and hopefully everyone can get something to buy. The Barbados lustre drop is absolutely lovely and it gives that bronzen goddess look. However I do hope MAC will produce a lot more RiRi collections in her next fall collection so it doesn't sell out as quickly AGAIN in 11 minutes! seriously 11 minutes

Friday, 21 June 2013

My take on summer dressing

DON'T be afraid of prints this summer and wear lots of accessories but keep it simple for a super chic finish.

DON'T let your outfit do all the hard work and talking. Embrace your hairstyle as well and allow it to shine, add some chunky bracelets to your outfit as well.

OFF shoulder dresses and top are a summer must wear, they make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

WEAR shorts with flared top and ensemble with killer courts, it's absolutely faultless and perfect for summer parties.

YOU can still wear your all black ensembles in summer, This is a DO, DO in my book.

YOUR loose-fit boyfriend jeans is a summer must wear, they give you that edgy look.

DON'T forget your girly silhouettes. They are so feminine and scream summer.

BRING your style up to date by adding a clean modern jacket to pop up any simple outfit.

Have a great weekend everyone and thank you for always clicking on my page, I appreciate your time, comments and suggestions. Toodlers!



L'Oreal's L'Or Sunset Collection

Available at all drugstore now, I really like the nail polish

L’Oreal’s L’Or Sunset Collection, inspired by the Cannes 2013 Film Festival, just launched. The collection features two glitter nail polishes (black and bronze), two lipsticks (L’Or Noir and Smoky Rouge), an eye shadow quad (Black, Yellow and Jade), and a Voluminous Million Lashes mascara in black. L'Oreal is very affordable (£3 - £12) and has good high pigmentation and performance. Keep reading for more images of this amazing collection!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mac RiRi collection update

Riri bad girl
Today the RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Collection launched within the UK at 12pm, I patiently sat on the MAC UK website refreshing the page to get my hands on the new lipstick additions and lustre drop. At around 12.08 pm the collection went live and I placed my order as you may know MAC have been using a waiting room for the Rihanna collections which can take forever to put your products into your online basket. At 12.16pm my order finally placed but without one of the lipstick shades. Yep in the space of 11 minutes one of the lipsticks had sold out. I have no problem with products selling out but 11 minutes is beyond me honestly and clearly indicates that the stock levels of MAC Heaux must have been staggeringly low! If you did get Heaux you are incredibly lucky and quick may I add haha! Anyway this post isn't all doom and gloom if you are a fan of berry tones and hopefully it may please you to know that Rihanna and internet speculation all indicate that a deep matte plum will be coming our way soon. At the moment no-one is truly sure when but Rihanna has hinted that another lipstick will indeed be available to purchase in the coming months and may just be called Talk that Talk. A deep Autumnal plum with a hint of berry that is super sexy and matte, yes that will most certainly heal the wound and fill the Heaux shaped gap. One thing that is for sure is that I am sat eagerly anticipating MAC RiRi Hearts Fall Collection later in the year.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Karl Lagerfeld's quote on the Middletons


He said Kate Middleton (The duchess of Cambridge & Future Queen of England) has a nice silhouette and she is the right girl for that boy (Prince Williams), I like that kind of woman, I like romantic beauties. On the other hand, he said her sister (Pippa) struggles. I don't like the sister's face. She should only show her back. Ouch…..

Mac mini haul

Eyeshadow duo palette
Blush palette

I will be doing reviews on them individually soonest…Toodlers

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Touche Eclat Foundation

Touche Éclat by YSL

That was the gift pack I received when I attended the just concluded YSL event, it contains their body products (lotion and cleanser), which I haven’t tried yet but have heard great reviews about even from people who attended the event. I decided to purchase the touché éclat foundation as it has actually being on my wish list for a while now and here’s my little opinion about it. The lipsticks, pencil and pen, I have had almost a year now.  Am that kind of girl that’s willing to spend any amount of money for a foundation if the foundation is worth it because I believe Foundation is the one makeup product that’s the base to a flawless face. I think this foundation is really beautiful. It does a spot-on job at illuminating your skin and looks absolutely beautiful, the best illuminating foundation I've ever tried. The formula does feel very weightless and light on your skin, making it feel like your skin and it looks very natural.

Touche Éclat foundation. £29.00

It only has average staying power on me, even with a setting product. I do have oily skin, so that could have something to do with the staying power, I don’t know for sure yet. The only Con I have about this product is the light to medium coverage, I just wish the coverage level was greater. Regardless, I am loving this foundation and its one I'm keeping and I'd recommend!

Stylish Vodka

Fahion's down even  to the smallest details.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Marc Jacob's new makeup line

Limited edition. Release date 9th August at Sephora in the US, no release date yet for the UK.


Revlon lip balm satin

Lovely lip balm, I got the shade in Honey and it stayed on my lips for 2-3 hours. The product stains the skin, so even after the balm had come off (post-eating and drinking), the tint remained for another hour to an hour-and-a-half. This colour is actually pretty strong and natural. Despite having peppermint oil in the ingredients, I don’t feel a tingling sensation at all. The product has a minty smell too, but has no effect on the lips.
REVLON just bitten kissable in Soft Honey
This is a great balm equivalent of a lipstick. The formula is very moisturizing and has no stickiness or tackiness. The product is smooth over the lips and makes them feel soft. The texture is thin, though I found Honey to be a teeny-bit thicker than the texture for other colours.

Boots. £7.99

Urban Decay Naked 2

Urban decay naked 2 palette

Oooooooh, I’ve got me own! The hype about this palette is insane, every bloggers, editors, fashion guru, makeup artist, regular makeup addict are raving about it daily. This Urban Decay Naked 2 palette is probably the most reviewed eyeshadow palette every single day but I just want to chip in my own thoughts because it’s my first Urban Decay palette, ( I know am late for just jumping on the UD beauty naked 2 bandwagon) haha!

Naked 2. £36.00
This palette contains 12 eyeshadows, a small size travel Lip Junkie lip gloss in Naked and a full size double-ended Good Karma Shadow & Crease Brush. All the shades are highly pigmented and come in three finishes - matte, shimmer and glitter. The texture is so soft and blendable and the eyeshadows have less fallout when you apply them and they have super longevity. This is indeed a High End Quality Eyeshadow and it definitely lives up to its name, standard and price (For me no regrets). Overall, I like the Naked 2 palette. All the colours are wearable and versatile. I like the packaging too, which is travel-friendly and practical.

Review on Mac palette

MAC pro palette large duo is a new double-sided pro palette that accommodates two inserts. It has a see-through lid/divider so you can view all of your shades at once while keeping them secure and protected. What's cool about this palette is that you can customize it any way you want. For example, you could turn it into an every-day palette and put blushes, bronzers on one side and eyeshadows on the other. I got one of the insert for blushes to insert in my palettes. The palette itself is slightly shorter in length than the old style palettes and almost three times the height. Some may find it to be bulky, but I love the fact that the palette is deeper than the old palettes, so there are no issues closing. It shuts with a magnetic closure which is really nice. I think the overall quality of this palette is really good and worth the price tag as you're basically getting two palettes in one, so I think it's pretty justifiable. The palette is very well crafted and I don't find it overly heavy for travel.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Check out London's Fashion Week Men's Collection




Rihanna & her style

Check out Rihanna’s rain bonnet by Maison Michel to keep her hair dry from the rain in London yesterday, very Trendy right? I remember we use to wear something like this back then in Nigeria, in polka dot colours and they were so chic


Saturday, 15 June 2013

It's a GIRL for kim k

Kim Kardashian has given birth to her first child today Saturday the 15th, a month ahead of her due date. It was revealed that the 32-year-old was admitted to hospital in Beverly Hills on Saturday morning. The reality star had taken out a birthing suite at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a hospital of choice among many celebrities including Britney Spears, Victoria Beckham and Jessica Simpson. Hours later she gave birth to her baby girl. Her partner, rapper Kanye West, and mother Kris Jenner were reportedly at her side.


High End & Middle End sales guide

Although we haven’t fully gotten summer yet, Stores are already screaming summer in our faces with sales popping up everywhere. From high end to middle end to affordable, everyone gets a feel. Here are the tops sales going on right now. Remember to cut your coat according to your size ooh!

·         50% off, starts today June 15th instore and online

 ·         50% off, from June 27th for two weeks. Check their new flagship store on old bond street

·         Sales starts June 19th online from 5pm and June 20th instore

Good job new look

Spotted this lovely Clutch at New Look yesterday, I was Stunned!
Cream diamante flower satin box clutch. £24.99

ELF haul


Adding these lovely brushes to my brush collection, Elf products are amazing, give them a try. They are also pocket friendly and good quality and blending is so easy.

Yves Saint Laurent lipsick & eye pencil

It wouldn't be right to let you go into the weekend without a few lemmings right? Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture lipstick is a good lemming to have...HOPE AM RIGHT?
The colour is Blood Red but I find it to be more of a light Saber red, Regardless this satiny smooth lipstick is highly pigmented and comes with a SPF of 15!  The formula is touted as being moisturizing and long lasting. The case is unique as all Ysl products and feels heavy. The metal is brightly polished gold with the YSL accent at the base, the case is polished as well and can double as a mirror in a pinch. The YSL waterproof eyepencil is one of my favourite pencils after my Mac and Chanel ones, I use it mostly when I am trying to recreate celebs red carpets looks. As usual with most high end product, there's no budging or flaking or smudging and it always always looks great. Do you NEED these? YES! Exactly!  The Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture lipstick retails for £25 and the eye pencil £19

Friday, 14 June 2013

RiRi hearts MAC summer collection

If like me, you couldn’t snag Rihanna’s sold out RiRi Woo the first time around when it came out? Not to worry, as the lipstick along with two new shades, blush, and bronzer will be sold exclusively online on June 18th. Get your credit cards and fingers ready! The collection goes on sale promptly MAC Cosmetics come June 18th. I love the lipstick shades! Can’t wait to get it, Will you be buying?

RiRi bad gal

RiRi boy
A purple lipstick shade named Heaux

A Powder Blush Duo in Hibiscus Kiss
Barbados Girl lustre drops

Great Men's skincare brands

OCCASIONALLY men need a little help too when it comes to choosing skincare for themselves, not least in order to prevent them from using your moisturizer when you're not looking. Thankfully there are plenty of great, male-targeted brands on offer for you to guide your brother, your boyfriend, your father or your husband towards. From scrubs to shaving gel, after shave and moisturisers. These are tried and tested as about 3 of these products are my Hubby's favourite and Vaseline pure petroleum jelly for his warm tea skin tone( wink wink baybey! )
Here are my Affordable Top Brands for Men's skincare

Clarins Men Smooth Shave Foaming Gel. £15

Clinique Skin Supplies For Men Post-Shave Soother Anti-Blemish Formula. £18

Dior Homme Dermo System Micro-Purifying Cleansing Gel. £29

Dove Men+Care Moisturiser Sensitive+. £8.99

L'Oréal Paris Men Expert Vitalift 5 Complete Revitalising Moisturiser. £13.89
Black Suede After Shave Splash. £11.00

Playful statement

I love this statement top by Zoe Karssen


How much sleep is needed and Why?

Sleep is something we often take for granted. Most people go to bed at night and drift into a lovely peaceful sleep, the next morning they wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. Often people don't know the importance of sleep and the benefits of having a good one. It is usually not until you have had a restless few nights that you start to realise how important a good night’s sleep really is, when we are tired we do not perform or function at our best, we drop things, we forget what we are doing, we get overly emotional, this is our body saying, I need to sleep. So here are my tips to having a good night sleep, lets go

What is the optimum amount of sleep?

It is acknowledged that the optimum amount of sleep for adult is between 7 and 9 hours per night. As we go from baby through to teenager our need for sleep reduces from 18 hours per night right down to 9 hours per night according to the National Sleep Association. When we are adults (18 years of age and up) we only require between 7 and 9 hours sleep per night, but even this is difficult to achieve.
What happens when we don’t get enough sleep?
Sleep reduces stress and anxiety so When the body is sleep deprived, it starts performing on high alert, the same way it would in a stressful situation. The heart rate increases, blood pressure increases and stress hormones are produced. With these stress hormones running around our body making us feel like we are in a life or death situation, we don’t respond to normal every day events very well. Our reactions can be blown massively out of proportion and it just sets us up for a bad day. This stress hormone also makes it difficult to sleep as the body is functioning on high alert and so it produces more of the hormones, it is a vicious cycle which all starts by not getting enough sleep.
Sleep reduces Inflammation
The hormones produced in the body when we aren’t getting enough sleep cause inflammation. Just like when we injure ourselves, our body produces inflammation to help protect and heel the injured body part. These hormones are produced when we are sleep deprived to alert us to the fact the body is in distress. Inflammation of the heart and other organs can result in heart attacks, strokes and other unthinkable health problems.
Makes you more alert
A good night’s sleep makes you feel more energized and ready for the next day. When we sleep well we feel good in general, which has a dramatic effect on everything we do, including how we react to situations. Being more alert means you make smarter decisions, your analysis of a situation is more effective, you can think about the outcome and into the future and generally just make better decisions. When we are tired our thinking and decision making is hindered by the fact we are tired and this is evident in the way we respond to certain everyday events and decision making.
Sleep helps your body repair itself
When we sleep it gives our body time to repair itself. During the day when we are up and awake, our body is constantly working, when we sleep it does not stop; the body is then in repair mode. If we don’t get enough sleep, the body doesn’t have the sufficient amount of time to repair the damage caused by wear and tear throughout the day. The term “protein is the building blocks of life” applies here, the body produces proteins that are used to repair the damage, with insufficient amounts of sleep the body doesn’t produce enough proteins and so damage goes unrepaired.
Sleep helps us lose weight
It is not just the fact that when we are asleep we don’t eat; there is more to it than that. There are two hormones in the body that are produced to signal hunger and then signal when we are full. If we are getting enough good sleep the body is producing the right amounts of these hormones at the right time and everything is ok. When we don’t get enough good sleep, our body doesn’t produce enough of the hormone to tell us we are full and it produces too much of the hormone to signal we are hungry. An imbalance of these two hormones causes us to eat too much and gain weight.
How to get a good night’s Sleep
Researchers suggest that we are not good sleepers. The demands of our jobs, the schedules we keep, our social networking activities, our communication devices and our eating and drinking habits, our family lives, all affect how efficient we are at night when we lay down to sleep.
Get a Sleep schedule - Our body works better when we have a routine and a schedule. This is difficult for people who work shift patterns or who have other obligations that prevent them from having a set schedule, but for most this is definitely doable. Try and go to bed at the same time each night, and get up at the same time each day. It is easy to let yourself stay up later and lay in on the weekends or on a day off, but this will affect your sleep for the following days. Stick to a schedule and it will make for better quality sleep times.
Get in a routine - Implement a relaxing bedtime routine, take a relaxing bath, listen to some music in bed, read a book or magazine etc. Try and reduce the use of computers, laptops, smart phones or other electronic devices that might stimulate your brain. The hour before bed time needs to be a relaxing one and following up work emails or watching an action movie does not relax the body. Try turning down the light or using a side lamp, this will help signal to your body that it is time to wind down and will help you feel relaxed before it is time to sleep.
Comfy and cosy Nightwear - It is vital that you are comfortable at night or you are just going to keep waking up. Choose Pyjamas that are warm and comfortable in the winter and switch to lighter pyjamas in the summer when it is hot. Your body temperature drops slightly at night, so it is worth taking this into account when considering sleeping attire. You will wake up during the night if you are too hot or too cold. It is suggested that you keep your room cool at night but sleep in cosy pyjamas and bedding, this has been researched and has resulted in better quality sleep. The addition of a hot water bottle or a blanket might also help in the winter.
Clean and comfortable bed - A freshly cleaned bed always seems to promote good sleep, or maybe that is just me. I tend to sleep much better the first night after changing the bedding, than any other night. It is important that your bed is comfortable to sleep in, that includes - the mattress, the duvet, the bedding and the pillows. Your bed should be right for you, some people like a soft bed, some like a firmer bed, some like one pillow, some like lots of pillows like me. There is no right or wrong answer, your bed must be comfortable to promote good quality sleep.
I hope this guide helps you to have a good night sleep, Toodlers!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Barry M's lash vegas

Check out Barry M’s new mascara called Lash Vegas. If you like your lashes to look bolder, flutterier and Bigger, then look no further than this latest mascara.  The spiralled shaped brush hold your lashes firm and instantly separate them with just a couple of coats - meaning no more clumps.

Available nationwide £6.49

World Renowned Makeup artist Fred Letailleur

Me & Fred Letailleur

I met International Makeup Artist, Fred Letailleur at the just concluded YSL event I attended and it was such an honour to meet one of the most creative make up artist and to learn a few tips and tricks from him. He is a very down to earth man with lovely personality. He gave me advice on how to become successful in the beauty world and said for anyone who considers getting into Make up Industry, the person must always Be consistent, Gathered as much as information and knowledge within the industry and most important, to be Passionate with what you are doing. He has worked with the likes of Naomi Campbell and Cara Delevingne. He is also YSL $ Giorgio Armani's international makeup artist.
He did cara's makeup for this ysl babydoll mascara photoshoot