Saturday, 27 July 2013

Shimmy Shimmers

Shimmy Shimmers. Superdrugs £4.50

It's okay to cheap it up sometimes as we're living in hard times now right? This is one of my cheap highlighters that I use when am on the run and don’t want to use my expensive ones and I love the fact that it does exactly the same thing as my high end ones highlight. It  gives me a beautiful soft golden colour when I rub it in with a tiny amount of shimmer, not enough to sparkle like a disco ball, but just enough to give me that radiant glow that i strive for. It’s the Perfect colour for anytime all year round and especially pretty in summer and it lasts forever.

Gold Shimmer & Pink Shimmer

Overall I love this product, and for just £4.50, please give it a go, my honest view. Shimmy shimmers are the exact dupe for Bobbi Brown’s Shimmerbricks. The only Con I have about this product is that I’m not keen on the cardboard packaging, simply because it’s not as durable as plastic. They are available in three colours Bronze, Gold and Pink and they all contain fives stripes of varying shades. I use them in different ways- as a highlight, as a blush or bronzer, and as an eyeshadows so they are a great product to multi-task for your daily use or if you’re travelling. Have a Fab weekend.  xoxo bynki

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