Thursday, 11 July 2013

Sweet smells for your home

Scented candles

I love Air fresheners, Scented Candles and Oil refreshers just like everyone else, I really do think they set your home apart with different scents and are also very romantic when in the mood for Love. At the moment I have three types of scents I thought were special enough to blog about, I used them mostly for different reasons. Candles for when am having a bath, Oil refreshers for when I'm trying to relax and Air fresheners for the whole house generally, these things smell so good in the house especially when the candle is burning, I enjoy the suspense so much. All three are affordable and smell amazing! The candles has a burn time of 25 hours, the oil refreshers 5-6 hours while the air freshener last 30 days
Air fresheners makes your home inviting and smell fresh
Oil refreshers helps you unwind stress, seriously

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