Monday, 30 September 2013

Clinique Face Clay Mask
Clinique Anti-Blemish Solution, £19.00

This is a clinique clay mask i use when am in a hurry and want to open up the pores that produces oil on my face, it's an anti blemish oil control face mask formula. I don't have acnes on my face but i do have oily face and i try as much as i can to control it and this mask helps do the job for me by control the oil that produces acne. The content is a white creamy and thick mask and i apply it on my clean face, i leave it for about 10-15 mins (althou the description suggest 5 mins but i like to leave mine on for longer) and it dried up on my face before i rinse off with warm water. After rinsing, my face becomes instantly cooler, smoother and matte, my face feels very refreshed. It's a pretty good mask especially as it does'nt irritate my skin but i don't recommend it for heavy acne people as it will do nothing for you, (it's just like light to medium foundation which only smooth face can wear), this mask effect only last a day and you're back to your normal face sadly. That said the pros out weights the con and i do like the it as it works on me. The cons are quite few, it's average and does'nt work on blemishes and the price is expensive especially because you can get a similar clay product in drugspot brand and it cannot be used on a daily basis. But if you have a decent smooth face like me and just want your face to feel clean and refreshed and less oily, then i suggest it. I also use another process to open my pores with steam and my face steamer, will do a review on that, as that works better and is one of the best face treatment i give my face, this is just a quick fast routine for when you are in a hurry and don't have time. I had a blast this weekend and bless God, hope you did same, have a fanstatic week ahead.  xoxo bynki

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Fall/Autumn Makeup Trend
Bynki Put Together Look For Autumn, Easy & Breezy

New trends for makeup come up every season and alas changes almost every beauty addict especially me! The ongoing fashion week around the world has greatly influenced makeup and these are my pick from what i noticed on the runway. I have already started incorporating them into my beauty routine and you too can try them out as well, they don't need to be the exact same thing but you can pick a few of what you like most and experiment your creativity, use inexpensive products or what you have at home and enjoy the autumn season.

BEJEWELED NAILS-  Nail arts are so cool right now and everyone including all the models in fashion week were seen rocking this trend. They come in different shapes and sizes, you can either have your nails blinged out in your nail salon or you can buy the already made stick on ones and just stick it on your fingers( very easy and saves you time). They are affordable and you can coat them with clear nail polish, find them in Boots and any beauty counter.

CORAL  EYESHADOW- This is a very cool colour of eyeshadow and i love it, coral shade have this very downtone look to it and always looks very chic and warm, try blending into any colour and it will still pop. Incorporate this in your look either with coral eyeshadows or coral blush, any will be just fine.

BRONZE LOOK- Everyone is still bronzing and there were loads of bronzed faces on the runway. Forget the sun, you can still get your face bronzed out, just don't apply too much and the technique for this season is using only bronzer and don't apply blush. Just the tiny hit of contour is enough and enjoy flawless matte face.

GUCCI PERFUME- My God i love this perfume, its perfect for this weather and smells divine in winter especially on christmas day, i just love it. Since i got my first bottle, i have never looked back, i keep repurchasing anytime it runs out. It's sweet, warm, gentle and timeless, last longer on me, the smell is strong and musky, extremely sophisticated and i feel very sexy when i have it on! I so recommend it to you.

BOLD BROWS- I have been copying this look for a while now and have even talked some of my clients into doing same, it's quite pretty and different, it also save me alot of time as i don't have to create perfect brows because they can look messy and still look fly. They just make my face pop more and allow me grow my natural brows even more. Just use a brown brow pencil to stroke and acheive this look.

WINGED OUT LINER- Cat eyes are so in right now, the bolder and darker and bigger, the better! Your eyes will look sharp and long, this look gives you a smoky eye kind of effect without the eyeshadows, combine pencil and liquid and smudge both together to create this timeless look.

I hope you like my picks just as much as i like them, Have a relaxed weekend and stay blessed.  xoxo bynki

Thursday, 26 September 2013

This Month's Favourite!
I am excited about these products and that's why they are my september favourite, i have been using them every single day because they complete my daily look. When am rushing out in the mornings or when i have client work, i usually don't wear foundation, i just apply concealer under my eyes and  powder my face and prep with the products inset and am set to go. The Channel eyeshadow is one of the best eyeshadow out there, i use it to get a very natural look, it's perfect (simple and short) but quite expensive. The Hd brow blush honestly is also one of the best blush i have used, it's finely milled and the pink muddy colour is amazing, it looks just like Mac's sunbasque blush and gives me a bronzed cheek. I am also loving my Ysl Opium, It's a mature zest citrus perfume that gives me the dare to wear edgy feeling, it smells intense kinda like sandalwood and i find that lovely to wear, i also like the champagne colour of the bottle and that's why i've been wearing it every single day this month. The maybelline sculpting brow is simply worth it, am happy i have this product, it perfectly strokes up my brow and the colour gel covers every hair, i use it on myself and on clients. The Elf illuminator is a delight to have, this is a stable in my kit and the best part is that it's £1.50. It gives the most amazing glow and can be used for a variety of things, i use this to highlight my cupid bow. All this products have given me and my clients a wonderful september
Making Me Feel Beautiful

A big thank you to everyone who views my blog and continue to visit, you all are awesome and i really apprecaite you!  xoxo bynki

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Mac Me!
Mac Comestics
Mac lip pencil in cherry
Mac sketch shadow
Mac lipstick creme cup
I ran out of these 3 items in my kit and had to repurchase them. Sketch is a lovely plum colour that i used to create smolder smoky look and Creme cup, in love to use on bride to give them that effortless natural lips while Cherry is the new red for me, i use it to line any shade and texture of red lipstick and it's really beautiful. What are your favourite Mac products?  xoxo bynki

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Baby Baby Lips
Boots. £2.99

Baby lips by Maybelline spotted back stage at the NYFW, was used on all the models for Tibi S/S 2014. This formula will give your lips protection and moisture for full 8 hours. Getting mine this week with the boot's offer of buy one, get one half price.  xoxo bynki

Bronzed Eye

Benefit Primer
Mac Espresso
Naked 2 Half Baked
Naked 2 Snakebite
Naked 2 Bootycall
Black opal Olympic Gold
Onyx Bombshell Eyeliner
Lala Lashes

Friday, 20 September 2013

Glossy Box London Theme
Glossy Box

I recieved my glossy box a couple of days ago and here it is! my relationship with glossy box began a long time ago but i stopped subscribing a few months before i started blogging (don't really know why, but i just did) and recenty because i am getting more involved with skincare, i decided to reactive back my subscribtion as it will help me test out alot of new skin care products (samples) recently lunched in the market before fully commiting to purchase the full size.
Ribbons & Tissue, Lovely Touch I Think

Glossy box is a beauty box that comes in monthly filled with samples of anything from makeup to skincare to perfume, newly released products and even products you've never heard of before, It's quite a bargain as well as what you receive inside the box is way much more money than what you've payed.  They come beautifully packed with tissues and ribbons almost like a romantic gift and that really thrills me.
I Am Very Happy With All Of These

This month's theme is called London Box because of the just concluded london fashion week and it has the following beauty samples inside.
Toni&Guy Shine & Gloss Serum £7.19
Onyx Bombshell Eyeliner £8.00
Elizabeth Arden Untold Sample Perfume, Full Size From £34.50
Hd Brows Blusher2 £18.00
Eylure Lashes, Full Retail Price £5.29
Glossy Sleek New Magazine
 If you are a beauty person and really like makeup then i suggest you get signed up to Glossy Box, give it a try and see if you like it, I am glad to be back on board with it.  xoxo bynki

Thursday, 19 September 2013

I Call Them My Weapons...
My Brushes from Mac to Gosh to Elf

Yes, my brushes are my weapons that i used when i work and i am more than happy with the ones that i possess, brushes gives me the ability to create flawless finish with ease and that gives me joy. I use my brushes on pratically anything from liquid to cream to powder to eyes, lips, nose everything. There are different kinds of brushes for different purposes and i will do a post on that soon, you don't need loads of brushes (except you are a makeup artist) otherwise just the basic essentials is okay for any beauty lover/everyday girl to have. I try as much as possible to test brushes before i buy just to know how well they perform, from absorbing more product and applying less which i dont like, the softness of the bristles material and the washability. How brushes are used are completely up to you, everyone has their method, so i advice you stick to whichever way works best for you because there are no set rules on how to use brushes, i have my own techniques in the way i use my brushes. I always tell people to buy brushes that suit their wallet or what they can afford, don't go for names and hypes because i can assure you, there are really cheap good ones around that perform as good as expensive ones. Do you have any challenges in getting the right brush?? Let me know, i could offer my little insight to help you.  xoxo bynki

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Berry Again
Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish. £2.99

Am really loving Fall's berry trend and this is a lovely berry shade from Maybelline nail polish line, it's called Berry Fuchsia and it's a pretty colour as you can see (excuse my not so perfect, abit messy polishing). I got it from Boots and there's currently a 3 for 2 offer going on right now on beauty products, treat yourself to something special and affordable whilst the offer last.  xoxo bynki

Monday, 16 September 2013

Rimmel's Little Wonder!
Rimmel Pro Primer. £6.99

Hi guys i hope you all had a well rested weekend. Today's review is on one of the most affordable primer i know, Rimmel fix & perfect primer. Using a primer is very essential when doing my makeup because primers are like coating before paintaing, they deliver a smooth, even  and perfect surface for makeup especially foundation to glide on. I always apply primer on clients after moisturizing so their face can be smooth and any uneven area of their face is covered and concealed perfectly. Primers also ensures your makeup stays put for longer and this 5 in 1 primer from rimmel is a very good bargain, it's very lightweight and has a matte finish to it. I have other expensive ones but being expensive or high end doesn't mean there are no good cheap ones so it's a good thing when i get to try out new and pocket friendly product. This primer is fair enough and i really like it, it doesn't make face shiny and it is very good for oily skin, this tube is a basic white tube with a blue twist cap and the primer itself has a little bit of fragrance to it and a milky texture which does'nt run. Hollywood star Zooey Deschanel uses this primer and it pays off well for her. This primer is not the very best But it works, a good primer should be able to prep your face and this does just that so i recommend it as it's a fantastic value. Have a good week everyone.  xoxo bynki

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Fall Trend....
Sleek Lipstick

The lastest trend for Fall is Berry, a deep dark plum colour (straight from the just concluded NYFW and ongoing LFW runways) and you can infuse this colour into anything from your lips to eyeshadows, nail polish to even your clothes. I am so on board with this colour and i am rocking it all the way with this lipstick from Sleek in Cherry Brandy £4.50, i love to always have a feel of whatever the season trend has to offer and incoporate it into one or two of my looks. Always remember to buy affordable products if you like to follow trend as they tend to change quickly and you don't want to run out of pocket, there are lots and loads of amazing good quality products out there for you to save on and still get the best delivered especially with beauty and makeup items. What's your favourite colour for Fall?  xoxo bynki

Friday, 13 September 2013

Urban Decay Setting Spray
Urban Decay Setting Spray. £19.50

Urban Decay chill all nighter setting spray, this face setting spray keep makeup in place without shifting and almost every makeup artist has it. It's suitable to all skin types and i usually used it after finishing the entire face makeup, i spray it in an X formation so that every corner of the face is covered. Althou this spray is very good, i don't really like the dewy finish it gives because i have oily skin and dewy finished face doesn't really work for me, but that said it is perfect when i use it on brides and on dry skin face. It does'nt slip at all and keeps makeup fresh all day seriously. It comes in a white plastic bottle with purple cap, inside the purple cab is a smaller transparent cap that covers the spray nozzle which also works very well. I advice not to spray too much, a little does the job. I also like the fact that the smell is very soft and the bottle is travel safe and it can last you awhile if you use it well. It's a must have in my kit and i really like it. Has anyone tried it? share your thoughts. Have a great weekend everyone.  xoxo bynki

Thursday, 12 September 2013

W7 Makeup Brand

W7 Comestics

Aqua PR makers of the comestic brand W7 sent me these lovely products and i just love them already. I will be using them throughout this week on myself and also on two clients (have a model shoot). I can't wait to try out the eyeshadow most especially, it's so gorgeous and so pigmented from the look of it, Reviews on the lipstick, nail polish and eyeshadow next week once i get my personal verdict on them.  xoxo bynki

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Beautiful Red Lip Bride
My Work

Red Lips with Mac's RiRi Woo mixed with Max Factor Flame and Maybelline Old Hollywood Lipliner
Brow filled with Mac's soft brown and Mac's light brown pencil
Nyx milk pencil
Maybelline gel eyeliner
Mac's Coppering shadow
Mac's Sable
Mac's Shroom
UD Naked 2 palette
Mac's Springsheen blush
LaLa Lahes in Diva

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Beautify New Train Case
Beautify Comestics

This is my new case from beautify comestic and i am really impressed with it. It's a much bigger train case than my old one because of my need for storage and transportation as this two things are huge factors i considered before i settled for this. The pattern is very stylish with animal prints all over, the lock is safely tight and the handle is strong enough to carry the case body. It's pretty heavy and i guess that's because of the size, it's spacious and wide inside with four compartment container that has sectioned off area of different size, allowing me to keep products well organised. I usually have only what i need in my kit, i don't carry around products i dont have need for. This kit is a perfect organised system for me NOW and will still accommodate future product growth. Enjoy your day guys!  xoxo bynki

Monday, 9 September 2013

Ben Nye Review
Ben Nye Banana Powder

If you haven't heard about ben nye powder, this is it, every makeup artist must have powder. This powder is so good the raves about it is insane, kim k also raise a great awareness for it when her makeup artist used it to highlight her face and she posted it on her blog. It's actually a theaterical makeup but this face powder has become so popular, it's only fair i do my own review on it as there are thousands and thousands of reviews out there. It comes in a plastic bottle with black cap and has an inner shaker cap inside and the inner cap has little filter holes in them, i usually just shake a bit into my palms and then dab with my powder brush. This powder is so fine and smooth and totally works for me as it keep my face super matte being that i'm oily. It's great for all skin types as well, i also use it as an all rounder especially on clients, to matte their faces, to highlight, to brighten and also to set foundation and concealer. I don't use too much as a little goes a long way, applying too much will just look cakey. It blends very well and is long lasting and keeps shine away from my T zone, it really is a good powder with different shades and works amazingly well. The only con is the availability, it's so hard to find and always out of stock, i wish it was easily available otherwise i highly recommend.  xoxo bynki

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Natural Bride Look
Very Natural Bride Look
Products used to achieve this simple look with very light stroke
Benefit primer
Mac's painterly pot
Mua's palette shade-light brown
Mac's espresso
Mac's shroom
Mac's sable
Mac's expensive pink
Maybelline gel fluid liner
Sleek pencil in brown
Lala lashes

Friday, 6 September 2013

LaLa Lashes...I Love Them!

I was recently sent these gorgeous lashes from LaLa Lashes, they are so beautiful and i can instantly tell they will vamp my eyes for daring looks any day any time, i can't wait to use them. They are thick and dark yet very natural and felt very light when i held them to have a feel of the texture, they were also very smooth and precise and not so over the top. Their lashes are well used amongst celebrities and i feel very honoured to do a review for them, thank you lala lashes for these lovely stripe lashes. If you want to treat yourself to some new party lashes then i strongly suggest LaLa Lashes, they are reasonably priced and come in a array of different colour and styles. I will be doing another review (for them) to create a full face look, stay tuned!  xoxo bynki

Undefined Easy Eyes
Unstructured Simple Smoky Look, No Filter/Edit, No Lashes

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish

Mac SkinFinish Medium Deep. £22

Hi guys, today's review is on Mac Mineralise Skinfinish Natural. This is a lovely powder and i love it so much, it's suppose to be a setting powder to set your foundation but i use it for other things, it serves me as both a setting and contour powder and that's why i have it in the shade Medium Deep, the only difference is that i use different types of brush for each purpose. I use this bad boy almost everyday on myself and for work, the coverage is superb, it evens out complexion without the makeup look. It's luxuriously packed with minerals that after application, it gives my face a dimensional yet natural matte finish, it's so light and doesn't feel heavy and is super pigmented. For setting foundation, i apply it all over the face with a powder brush and for contour i apply with an angled tapered brush underneath the cheekbones and forehead for perfect blending while for nose i use a small blending brush two lines along the sides of the nose, it is great for everyday and special occasions and looks natural on skin. The only con is the price, expensive but over all a great choice and i love how it feels light on my skin, its very smooth too and gives the coverage i need, people can hardly notice it on you when you use it and it will last for a long time.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Quickfix 4 Way Nail Buffer

4 Way Block. Boots £2.00

I can't do without this nail buffer, it is cleverly made of a 4way buffer block with different texture on each side all for different use, this is a holy grail for my nails because i dont have the time for proper manicure. This buffer does everything from filing nail edges, to smoothening nails, to removing ridges and shining nails, all natural. It effortlessly lets me shape my nails providing smooth edge and buff them ready to finish off with polish for a gleaming finish, i absolutely love this buffet and before i use it, i apply curticle oil on my nails to help soften the rough edges so they clear off easily. This 4 way buffet also saves me the stress of having individual nail fail, ridges remover and also giving me professional results in no time which for me is the most exciting part. I have also noticed that since i started using this block, my nails dramatically grow longer ( i have very weak nails and they break alot). It's very easy to use and very gentle on your nails and hand. As much as i like this product, i dont buff all the time as it can weaken my already weak nails and take off too many layers from it. I buff once in a month and polish once a week. Overall i am very happy with this buffer, it gives me an instance professional manicure at the comfort of my home. I would greatly recommend it to anyone suffering from yellow and unhealthy nails.  xoxo bynki

Dior's New Mystic Metallic

Dior Ooh Dior

Dior's Fall 2013 makeup Collection, filled with vibrant colours and 5 mythical couleurs colours. The eyeshadows shimmer with metallic shades and reflections. Your eyes have never been so magnetic

Monday, 2 September 2013

Maybelline Colossal Mascara

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express. £7.99

Hey guys, so i am reveiwing one of my favourite drugstore mascara, Maybelline Collosal Volume Express as it's seemingly very popular. First of all the fact that it had volume made it for me as i was sure it would vamp my lashes and it did exactly so. The formula of this mascara is pretty wet therefore it takes longer to dry, it's also a super dark glossy black which i like and due to the intense black, after a few coats, my lashes become super noticeable even from a distance. With this mascara i am also able to acheieve some lengthening althou not much, it last alot longer too and it's water proof. Unfortunately the only con i have about this mascara is that, it didn't really separate my lashes and gave quite a clumpy look which i think is because of the wand. It also does'nt dry quickly as well considering it's very wet. Overall i like it and will continue to repurchase it, i also have the Maybelline Rocket Volum Express Mascara which is fanstatic as well. For the price of £7.99, they are pretty good and deliver good lashes. If you are a natural kind of girl, applying just one coat of this mascara is great, but if you like dramatic lashes like me, apply more than once until you achieve your desired look. I always curl my lashes prior and sometimes apply a masacara primer for best result. Always look out for Boot's 3 for 2 offers on Maybelline products.  xoxo bynki