Monday, 23 December 2013

HoHoHo Christmas Is Here!

Hi my lovely readers, Christmas is almost here! Hopefully you all have your shoppings done, i finally did all my gift wrapping yesterday and i just setting out my recipes for a perfect Roast parsnips and carrots with honey and mustard (yumyum, my mouth is watering already). There is going to be alot of parties going on this weekend, so here are top three product you can use to feel and smell sexy this party season.

This fab Chanel bronzer is amazing and will give you that natural look to balance any glitter and winged eye look you would be rocking this Christmas. It's a cream sheer caramel product with a sweet peach scent, apply to your cheekbones and temple with a round fluffy brush, you face will look fresh and smooth with an elegant glow. I really enjoy using mine, it's the best!
Smell elegant with Yves Saint Laurent's Opium, this golden brown bottle / perfume appeals to me because of it's spices (not for the faint of heart) and i love this soooo much ohhh. It's exoticness minus the vanilla makes me feel matured and sexy in a grown up way. Feel unique in your element and every party you walk into this Christmas, be rest assured countless people will tell you how amazing you smell and ask what are you wearing?

Whip yourself with shimmer this party season and let your face glimmer, glitter and sparkle. This little, super affordable tube packed with vitamins B, C and E will instantly brighten your skin. Don't worry about feeling all shinning as this product soothe skin with no greasy after feel.

So there you have it, Bynki's Top three products to glam u ready for all your parties this Christmas, remember to keep your makeup simple and sexy with a black winged liner and add a hint of gold or silver to finish off the look. Hope you all have an Amazing Christmas! Eat all you want, drink responsibly, stay safe and Praise God for the gift of Life. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. Toodles, xoxo bynki

Monday, 16 December 2013

Mac's Soft Ochre Paint Pot Review

This is Mac's paint pot and it's one of my favourite primer that i use for the eyes. It's a highly pigmented eye colour base used under eyeshadows to help the colours more vibrant and longlasting. The formula is cream based and is quite thick, it goes on creamy when applied and then dries to give a hard finish, this help your shadows stay put on the eyelids especially powder shadows as they adhere better. This shade is called Soft Ochre and Mac describes it as a yellow beige, it suits me perfectly and also my clients with yellow undertone. When applied properly, eyeshadows can last anywhere between 6-9 hours, mine last all day without any creasing or fading and i always keep the lid on tight to avoid it drying out.

I usually apply my Urban Decay primer potion most times before i apply this on top (mostly on brides), this helps conceal any redness, vein and oil on the lid. The product is matte, smooth and does'nt have any smell to it, i do advice however that you apply it very fast  because it dries out quickly and then it becomes difficult to blend across the lids. I like to apply mine with my finger instead of a brush, this is to warm up the product.

I like the packaging too, it's very simple, sleek and sturdy, it's travel safe as well with minimum space to take (only 5gr), the only fear i have is because it's glass, am often careful not to drop it. Overall i really like the texture and definitely want to pick up some other shades, i highly recommend it because it does what it says and will also last you a long time. The weather has been quite wet and i hope it hasn't affected your shopping especially as this week is set to be the busiest before Christmas, i still have a few things left to buy but i'm been very careful as my wallet is already looking empty and empty and empty. Off to the shop now to place an order for my turkey, i wish you all a stress free week. Toodles, xoxo  bynki

Monday, 9 December 2013

Anastasia Eye Covet Eyeliner Review

Hi guys, today am sharing my thoughts on the Eye Covet Waterproof Eyeliner Set from Anastasia beverly hills brand. It's a mini set pack of eyeliners with seven lovely shades which saves you the stress of having to choose, a holiday season collection, this set saves you alot price wise as one eyeliner alone cost £16 whereas the whole set cost £26, this is one sure covet for Christmas. They measure 0.01oz each and come in both shimmer and matte texture. I wanted to buy the Urban Decay eyeliner holiday set but settled for this to save my wallet and it's probably the best decision i made, they are vibrant colours that i can use on a daily basics to create different looks and i can also keep them in my kit.

They are very easy to use and perfect for travelling as you only need to retract the bottom to apply, that saves you the stress of using a sharpener. They are also smudge proof and tear resistant which is one of the things i look out for when buying eyeliners because i hate messy smudge liner running down my eyes, they last for a very long time especially on the waterline and that's because they are waterproof, they stay put from the minute i apply them, till whenever i decide to take them off. I have noticed that i don't even need primer when i use these liners, they are insanely creamy, highly pigmented and blend effortlessly. Seriously these liners can last well over 9 solid hours without fading and i find myself struggling to take them off even with makeup remover. The packaging is compact and cute with rose gold details against the glossy black finish and they each have their names written on it, it also has a colour shade at the bottom of the pencil to help you easily identify the colours you might need to use. It has 3 matte shades and 4 glittery shades which in my opinion is very pratical, the glitter shades really stands out the most and i believe they will create refreshing looks for any eye. However i realise that the noir shade which is the matte black broke when i tried to use it for the first time, it was very stiff and i found it difficult to use but after a few rub on my palm to create heat, it became soft but was patchy when i used it. That said it's still a quality eyeliner set and i recommend it because it's got great formular and is so worth the price you pay for it. I was actually going to swatch them but i've been so busy running around shopping for Christmas and that has limited my time to blogging (i really apologize for that), hopefully i will do an update on this post with swatches of each eyeliner but this post is to help you decide what gift to get (beauty wise) for that special person in your life. Enjoy and have a great week guys, Toodles. xoxo bynki

Friday, 6 December 2013

EOS Lip Balm Review

Today am reviewing one of my favourite lip balm, the Evolution Of Smooth lip balm. I have always wanted to try these little lip butter ever since i saw them with Kim Kardashian and a few other Hollywood Celebs. It's a lip moisturizer that smooths and softens the lip whilst also treating it at the same time. The pack of these balms are the cutest lip balm i have ever seen, it's an egg shape rubber ball that you can twist to open the cap and apply directly onto your lips saving you the stress of using your finger and it's also safe, hygiene wise. They are 100% natural and do not feel sticky or waxy on my lips when i use them, my lips were soft and did not dry out, it gives a semi matte finish on the lips and is completely sheer. They smell delicious too and are my new found lip primers.

The ingredients are purely shea butter, jojoba oil and Vitamin E which are keys healing factors to soft and chapped free lips. They come in different favours but i got only three favours as they are quite hard to find here in the UK, i got the Honeysuckle Honeydew, Strawberry Sorbet and Summer Fruits Favours. I usually just pick which ever is within my reach and apply, however i did notice that summer fruits seems to hydrate my lips more than the others. The strawberry sorbet has a yummy strawberry flavour that i can even taste it in my mouth, my least favourite was the honeysucker as i didn't really like the flavour. I really recommend them as they left my lips nourished and succulent, they are great and will pass as a great stocking fillers for loved ones this Christmas. Have a lovely weekend and Toodles. xoxo  bynki

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A Little Christmas Haul

Hello everyone, what's up? hope you all are fine. I did a little Christmas shopping today to give myself a treat and i got a few of the items on my wishlist. It's fun to shop during Holidays as you get loads and loads of offers and discounts and one is always spoilt for choices. Most of the items i got where on 10% discounts from debenhams, 3 for 2 from boots, half price from beautybay and full price of course from Mac (discount only if you are a pro member). I got the oil free Too faced primer as i like the formula because it's silicone based and well suited to oily skin, i also got the Sleek face kit in medium and dark for my kit, this is a fantastic contour kit and suit virtually every skin colour, also got their lip4 palatte in showgirl. Next on the list is Nars sheer glow foundation, i have always wanted to try this and i wore it today, it looked amazing and was very natural with a medium finish, this is not the foundation for you if you like full coverage as it doesn't cover much but i do like it. I also got the Pro hygiene makeup brush cleaner for my kit, it's antibacterial and has a spray nozzle which makes it easier to use. Then i got the Chanel soleil tan de bronze, ooh i love this product, it gives the most natural bronzed effect ever and i like the brown orangey colour it reflects on the face and i must say it has cherished it's way into my most prized makeup collection existence.

Next is my favourite (i saved the best for last), the Mac brushes, i got the 109 and 159, These brushes have been on my wish list for a long time and i summoned the courage to finally buy them because as we all know Mac brushes are expensive but can last you for ages, so far i am loving them and really enjoy using them as you can see from the pictures that they are a little dirty (pardon me for that), i really want to invest in getting more Mac brushes but am going to take it one step at a time because a full brush kit set from Mac can set you back over £1,000 (that is alot of money, i mean a whole lot). I will be doing a full review on every single one of these products so please stay tuned for that. Enough of me already, how are you guys preping for Christmas? done with your shoppings? I am yet to finish mine (certainly not makeup, hehehe) as i keep changing my mind on what to get and also looking out for the right discount to suit my wallet but i have set up the Christmas tree and addressed my cards. For the makeup/ beauty addict, i hope my gift guide reviews help you decide what to get, i will be reviewing a few more products from Brand's holiday collection and i hope it will inspire you on what to buy. Enjoy the rest of your week and Toddles. xoxo  bynki