Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mac Tropical Taboo

Tropical Taboo Collection

MAC’s Tropical Taboo arrived a few weeks ago, it’s the perfect temperature rising every day makeup you need for summer. The extremely colourful collection includes many of the brand’s iconic mineralize products, plus amazing new lipsticks and some beloved Repromotion.  My few favourite’s in the collection are

CREMESHEEN GLASS in Fever Isle (bright red coral) – £17.50

 LIP PENCIL in Ablaze (bright apricot) – £12.00

MINERALIZE BLUSH in Exotic Amber (orange with bronze pearl / frost) – £20.00

It is a Limited Edition collection so if you like anything in the collection, get it fast. Available in stores and online now.  xoxo bynki

Monday, 29 July 2013

Kardashian beauty Joystick & Lash

Kardashian Joystick Lipstick. £10.95

This is a lipstick in a pen twist up stick way and the colour is Modern Mauve (Kourtney’s colour). As expected, I was impressed with the girl’s effort on this lipstick. It’s almost like a creamy butter texture and gives a very nice coverage on the lips, providing a natural matte finish alongside a lovely vanilla smell. It’s super easy to use and it glides on the lips softly without drying out. My lip was smooth and soft when I applied it with a lip primer underneath. It’s so chic and comfortable and it didn’t stain or bleed at all, it lasted me hours even after eating and drinking.

Colour- Modern Mauve joystick
Highly recommend, it comes in other colours as well. The lashes were to die for. I got the one in Glimmer and so loved it, it was exactly what I wanted, it fit and look exactly how I like my lashes. The lashes and joystick are my favourites in their beauty venture.

Kardashian Beauty Glimmer Lash. £6.95
They are affordable and the quality is great. Give their makeup a try, U’ll be impressed! Have a good week Everyone.  Toodlers

Saturday, 27 July 2013

A list desire - The W Bag

Louis Vuitton latest W Bag
With her fair skin and deep red lips, Michelle Williams is the new face of Louis Vuitton, here she is promoting the brand’s Newest and Latest  innovative new bag called The W Bag. The bag comes in a three part body outline suggesting the name W, and it's also enhanced by the blending of various materials put together in one. The bag is the new must have and Hollywood A list are craving for it at the moment and here’s Uma Thurman rocking her’s recently at Munich airport.

Uma Thurman carrying the bag recently


Shimmy Shimmers

Shimmy Shimmers. Superdrugs £4.50

It's okay to cheap it up sometimes as we're living in hard times now right? This is one of my cheap highlighters that I use when am on the run and don’t want to use my expensive ones and I love the fact that it does exactly the same thing as my high end ones highlight. It  gives me a beautiful soft golden colour when I rub it in with a tiny amount of shimmer, not enough to sparkle like a disco ball, but just enough to give me that radiant glow that i strive for. It’s the Perfect colour for anytime all year round and especially pretty in summer and it lasts forever.

Gold Shimmer & Pink Shimmer

Overall I love this product, and for just £4.50, please give it a go, my honest view. Shimmy shimmers are the exact dupe for Bobbi Brown’s Shimmerbricks. The only Con I have about this product is that I’m not keen on the cardboard packaging, simply because it’s not as durable as plastic. They are available in three colours Bronze, Gold and Pink and they all contain fives stripes of varying shades. I use them in different ways- as a highlight, as a blush or bronzer, and as an eyeshadows so they are a great product to multi-task for your daily use or if you’re travelling. Have a Fab weekend.  xoxo bynki

Friday, 26 July 2013

Diorskin Nude Tan Powder

It’s the weekend! Finally! I always feel semi relieved when friday comes around, it’s the end of a busy beauty week and I can rejuvenate myself and relax with my Family

Dior nude tan powder. £38.00

I’ve never been blown away about a product as much as I have about this bronzer and the result is simple pretty! This is Doirskin Nude Tan Bronzer in Sunset, one of the shades in the Six Diorskin range, It’s a gorgeous finely milled powder that leaves a healthy and glowing (but not in your face) sheen to your face. 

Both compact & kabuki brush come slipped inside this velvet pouches

It’s not a contouring bronzer, also if you want matte, no orange colour, sadly this is not for you. It is a powder to make you look fabulous with natural colour tan, it comes with a kabuki brush that is included inside the pack and I must tell you the brush is of very good quality! It’s soft and fluffy tempting me to purchase the full size kabuki brush…It’s that good, The embossed design is fantastic as well and really Chic.

Tell me this doesn’t look elegant and chic…

This bronzer is developed with mineral prism technology and energizing water to help keep your skin from drying and looking less powdery as well. You don’t have to use very much to get a lovely glow, classic Dior! I am truly in love with the compact and the brush and the lovely velvet packaging, How enamored can I be with these things? I don’t know the answer to that, but Dior, please don’t stop. This is a gorgeous powder, Ladies try it out, a bit pricey but so worth the money.
Debenhams £38.00

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Primark pj update

Primark necklace. £6.00

Here is another item I got from Primark the same day I got those lovely PJ, A lovely silvery statement neck piece. I forgot to take a picture of it in my last post to show you guys so here it is. I really like it and for 6 quid, it’s a BAR BARGAIN…he he he.  Toddlers

Estee Lauder DW

Estee Lauder DW foundation. £29.00
This foundation is one of favourite foundation all year round because it does last all day and keeps my oily T-Zone at bay. It’s flawless in the morning and remains same without shifting throughout the day, I can set it with powder if I like and that makes it last even more. It’s also not too thick but drys quickly when you apply so make sure you apply one layer at a time and very fast too, it’s a full coverage foundation but feels light, smooth and skin like when applied to the face. I don’t use concealer when I use this foundation as the coverage is full enough for me to cover any pores and imperfections and I usually set with Ben Nye powder if and when I want to.

Double wear 3W1

The only Con I have about this foundation is that the colours are not yellow based enough, It’s not a perfect match for me as it’s one shade lighter than my normal foundation colour, But Estee Lauder has come up with more colours for every skin tone so you’re sure to find your perfect match in their new 30 range shades. This foundation is not for dry skin at all as it will make you look flakey if anything, I love this foundation and it also comes in double wear light for those who don’t like heavy duty foundation. But Dior air spray is calling my name, what foundation are you dying to try ladies?  xoxo bynki

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Handcreams & Handbag essentials

Love my hand creams. £2 and £3.50

Hand cream has become one of my Beauty Essential and must have in my bag, Whether it’s Winter, Spring or Summer. Naturally I know to keep my face and body moisturised because it’s part of my daily routine, but my hands is often neglected. My hands lately (especially after having kids and always putting it in water) were always quite chapped especially at the finger tips/ inner middle and they also felt really rough too which was not a nice look at all for me, even my Hubby complained. Luckily I came across Beauty Formula Hand Cream and Cuticura Hand Cream at just the right moment! I was pleasantly surprised by how both these hand creams worked magic on my hands, one is a Light texture while the other is a thick heavy duty cream but I love how they both run smoothly to my hands when I rub them in without giving me any grease. These creams contain natural oils, calming chamomile and beeswax to protect the hands from extreme weather or nourish them when they need it most and I use it regularly for soft mitts. They smell nice enough for me but when I really want that delicious lovely floral sense to my hands, I use my Gucci lotion…it smells AMAZING…OMG, its so sensual and has an unmistakable feminine appeal ever!
Gucci by Gucci lotion...Amazeballs! £31.50

My antibacterial hand gel helps sanitizer my hands when soap and water aren’t available. It is an alcohol based sanitizing gel that kills 99% of bacteria on contact, making it a top choice for me whenever I step out of the house.
Mouth freshener - This is my go to instant breath refresher (in-between/after) a long day, just 2-3 spray gives my mouth a blast that last.
Lastly my Vaseline, filled with petroleum jelly, this helps chap any cracks/rough or dry surface on my skin. I use it for my whole family and it's one of our MUSTHAVE product at home. I also make sure I always have chewing gum in my bag as well, sorry I forgot to take a pic. Gums are another essential every woman should have in their handbag.  Toodlers

Antibacterial gel £2. Mouth freshener spray £2.50. Vaseline for moist £1.69



Primark pj

Primark £8.00, how affordable is that?

I got this PJ from Primark, its stylist and yet so soft. It’s got the cutest Disney character even an old mama of two toddler like me would love.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Mac fix+ spray

Mac Fix+. £14.50
I love my Mac Fix+, it’s a beautiful product designed to refresh your face and skin and give a natural finish to the face, this is something it does do. When I use fix+, I usually apply it before putting my make-up on or after my makeup, it all depends on me. It helps to give my makeup a dewy finish without looking too oily and also gives a smooth finish. The best part about this product is that it sets my makeup to look and feel natural because my skin drinks it instantly when I spray it on to get rid of that powdery look as it absorbs the excess powder so well. It feels light and can be used in many different ways. You can use it to apply your eyeshadows to smoothen it out finely or use it on your makeup tissues. It works well on almost every skin types, dry to normal. It is not a setting spray and will not make your makeup last for longer as many people believe it does but it isn’t the purpose of this product and I personally haven’t found it so. Wishing you Guys a Lovely week ahead!  xoxo bynki

Saturday, 20 July 2013

NYX brand

Happy Saturday Guys, So Sorry my blogging has been quite slow, my laptop charger packed up and I only got another one yesterday. It’s been really sunny and hot recently and am loving it so I ventured out yesterday to sample makeups as usual and ended up buying myself a few items on my wish list. I got the NYX lipstick, NYX powder and Primark Disney nightwear. I will have to state that NYX is one of my favourite inexpensive makeup brand and I have heard many things about it, mostly good.

Nyx lipstick in Apollo. £4.00
Love the colour

Their lipstick is very smooth, creamy  and have wonderful pigmentation. I can't say enough good things about this lipstick, I love the colour and the smell of this stuff, It's like putting candy on my lip.

I am pleasantly surprised at how good the powder is as well, it’s finely milled and you can use either of the colour for a golden glow. The staying power is about 3 hours but for the price I paid, it is a bargain with very affordable price, I’d say this powder does what it says it does but I can’t compare it to the higher end brands. I am a firm believer of “you get what you paid for, so my lovely readers - Would you prefer to splurge because of the brand name and quality, or do you love a bargain with the uncertainty of quality?  xoxo bynki

Nyx Powder. £6.50

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Natural collection cream blush

Natural collection cream blush in Rosy pink £2. Boots

This blush is from Natural collection, the ever so affordable makeup range and this is their cream blush in Rosy Pink. The range has almost everything one would need from powders, foundations, tinted moisturisers, blushes, concealers, stick concealers, liquid concealers, mascara, duo and single shadows which by the way are really good value for money. The cream blush is really nice on my cheeks and stays put even I apply it even with my fingers although it can be a bit tricky, However I do need to apply quite a bit of the blush as it takes a few layers to build up the colour I really want, you can also cover up with powder when you apply too much if necessary, it’s also fragrance free therefore gentle on sensitive skin. They are not overly pigmented but look really beautiful on the face because the colour on its own is gorgeous, the texture is light and water base. For under £2, its worth trying and even if you buy one and don't like it, at least it's not a dramatic waste of money. Toodlers  xoxo bynki

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Money saver eyeshadows palette

Money saver 120 Eyeshadow palette

I got myself the first edition of these 120 eyeshadows palette and till date I will say I am still very pleased with my purchase. These Shadows are so pigmented, bright and vivid, they have almost all colours you can think of and comes in various shades of one particular colour, it contains mostly matte finishes but includes a good share of metallics, shimmers and glitters that blends easily as well. This palette really helps me especially when having to do makeup for many clients at one go, it’s a super saver and I strongly recommend it if you are a MUA. I always use my benefit primer as a base for these eyeshadows so their colours can be more vibrant as they are quite powdery and fall out a lot. I definitely recommend this palette to everyone, not just MUA as it’s very professional alongside your other expensive shadows and can work for you no matter your preference (high end or drugstore). The package of this palette comes in a black matte plastic case, not quite impressive but doesn’t really matter to me as am more concerned about the product inside. It comes in two plastic shelves, stacked on top of each other, that can both be completely taken out of the outer packaging if you want to, It also has a little red ribbons to help you remove them from the packaging. I am very happy to have this palette and will repurchase it whenever I run out of this one, which by the way I’ve had for 3 years now. Happy midweek,  xoxo bynki

Monday, 15 July 2013

Celeb's most wanted this fall

Givenchy Bambi statement sweater. £810.00

At the moment favourite lipsticks

Mac, Ysl, Maybelline, Max factor & Sleek

These are a few of my favourite lipsticks right now although I still have a wishlist of many lipsticks that I will want to try, but these are my current at the moment favourites. I usually like slightly deepened matte red to mid red lipstick (I have quite a few reds) because of my warm toned skin with yellow undertones and also because they are always fully opaque in just one coat, they wear  fantastically well and never dries out nor  do they hydrates, wearing to almost a silk powder  finish most times. I also like and buy lipsticks that can lasts at least six hours on me with minimal bleeding, even without liner. What I like the most about wearing lipsticks is that they always tend to brighten my face especially when I wear the right shade as it makes the rest of my face come alive and make my skin look brighter, and make my lip shape fuller. I always use a matching lip liner when I wear my lipstick, liners gives a lovely neat finish to lips and also does help to prevent bleeding and feathering. Have a Fab week everyone and thanks for browsing bynki.  Toodlers
Mac's Please me, Riri woo, Hot house, Toxic tale, Hot Tahiti, Aqual spa

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Brush cleaning

This is what I use at the moment, Bobbi brown brush cleanser. £10.50

Although this tends to be the one thing we overlook most, it is one of the most important things we can do! Quality makeup brushes can range in price and it’s very important to take care of them because they should last years, maybe even a lifetime if you take care of them properly. Makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria, think of how much bacteria is on your face daily when you use unclean brushes. Bacteria and natural oils transmit onto your brushes every time they come in contact with your skin and if you are using them on clients like I do, then cleaning your brushes is a serious must. If you’re prone to acne then cleaning your brush is a must also because if you don’t, you are only continuing to spread bad bacteria that can cause even more breakouts on your face. Finally if you don't clean your brushes, you will not get the optimum results from them, A brush packed full of makeup isn’t going to do the job it was designed to do when it’s dirty. Here are a few steps i take when cleaning my brushes and Why

◦Benefit of keeping my makeup brushes clean is SOFTNESS - Makeup buildup on your brushes can make them feel scratchy, cleaning your brushes on a regular basis will help keep them soft and supple. This is especially great for people with sensitive skin.

◦How often do I clean my brushes? - Preferably, once a week if not more especially if I have worked on clients, this will help maintain your brushes lifespan. I wash my brushes at night and allow them to dry so they will be ready for the next day or right after your apply your makeup, all depends on you. Allow them to dry over a few hours as well, as a makeup artists I also use disinfecting liquid on my brushes after each use on clients.

◦For spot cleaning - I usually do spritz some cleaning solution onto my brush and then wipe them off on a tissue or towel until I can no longer see any product residue. Some of my favourite brush cleaners are Sonia Kashuk Brush and Sponge Cleanser, Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser and e.l.f. Studio Daily Brush Cleaner.   xoxo bynki

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Juicy Estee Lauder

Cello shot cheeks. £24.00

This just might be Estée Lauder's most playful collection I have tried and used to date, I tried it out at the Mall yesterday and it was really nice, it's Gel base so it stays glued to your skin and doesn’t move, the colour is very vibrant and I really liked how it looked on me and the SA was very helpful and attentive and tried her very best to sell me this product, I just wasn't very conceived especially as the price was a drawback for me, it was just too expensive for a Blush (in my opinion). But hey if your wallet can afford it, why not? This shot can be used as an all rounder as well, you can use it on your Lips, as a Lip shine and as a Blush for your cheeks. The Cello Shots collection gives a high shine colour shot that can be layered up for a more intense colour, It’s a beauty addict must have and you will be hooked if you try it on. I really did like it but the price...scratching my head!  xoxo bynki



Nina Ricci eyeshadow

Nina Ricci Mauve D'Epice. £6.99
I recently bought this gorgeous eyeshadow from the Nina Ricci range and I’ve got to say I love love, love, I've never brought any products from her range as it’s a little bit pricey and there seems to be no buzz about her comestic range from makeup lovers. The casing of this eye shadow is really impressive and  it's got a large mirror/brush inside as well as being really sturdy. I got myself the plush duo eyeshadow 10 Mauve D’Epice, it’s a combination of powder and cream intense colour which looks amazing, natural, cool, feels very moisturizing and glides on easily over eyelids. I was really impressed and happy with the result when the product was on. Will gladly repurchase this product again

Cream and powder eyeshadow, Lovely

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Sweet smells for your home

Scented candles

I love Air fresheners, Scented Candles and Oil refreshers just like everyone else, I really do think they set your home apart with different scents and are also very romantic when in the mood for Love. At the moment I have three types of scents I thought were special enough to blog about, I used them mostly for different reasons. Candles for when am having a bath, Oil refreshers for when I'm trying to relax and Air fresheners for the whole house generally, these things smell so good in the house especially when the candle is burning, I enjoy the suspense so much. All three are affordable and smell amazing! The candles has a burn time of 25 hours, the oil refreshers 5-6 hours while the air freshener last 30 days
Air fresheners makes your home inviting and smell fresh
Oil refreshers helps you unwind stress, seriously

Mac pigments and ways to use them

Mac pigments. £17.00

Pigments are Eyeshadows but simply a loose form of it in intense colours. When you purchase regular eyeshadows from MAC, those are just pigments that have been pressed and packed together to make them easy for you to use as eyeshadows. The unique thing about buying loose pigments is that you’re not limited to ONLY using them as eyeshadows, you can use them for various other things! Always try a pigment first, without committing to buying the full size yet. There’s enough in the small size to use and decide if you like it and not much waste if you don’t. Continue to view below and see the different way you can customize and use your pigments

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Kardashains beauty in the UK

Love them? Hate them? you cant denial their beauty and business skills!

Kardashian Beauty Comestic has landed in the UK and is available exclusively at feelunique.com and I am super excited as I have really wanted to try some of the girls beauty products especially Kourtney's personal style as she is my favourite. I just placed my order for some lovely lip joystick and some eyelashes, cant wait to receive them and do a review for you guys. The sisters have really created and coordinated each kit with their personal style and their everyday use item as well. Beauty gurus have rated Kardashain beauty product very good, super intense, quality and affordable, get yourself some items now at www.feelunique.com as they are flying off (out of stock) already... seriously

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Elegance for everyday

www.viners.co.uk. £50.00
I decided to treat my home/kitchen and purchased this beautifully designed and very comprehensive set of stainless steel cutlery. I am so delighted with my purchase (you have no idea), and very impressed with the sleek, elegant profile and quality as well... Could not be bettered as this Viners Dome set will ensure my table always looks its very best, whether it is a special occasion or casual entertaining. Viners is a much loved and trusted brand, gracing tables throughout the UK for over 100 years. Made with high quality 18/10 stainless steel for added rust resistance, the cutlery set from Viners is dishwasher safe and comes complete with a 25 year guarantee.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Everyday habits that may be giving you Acnes

Hi Guys, How was your weekend? It was a glorious sunny weather this weekend here in the UK and I soaked up every bit of the sun, Amazing. I want to start this week talking about the Face and causes of acnes, Did you know that everyone is prone to acne? And some people are even born with four or five times more skin cells that produce more oil than the average person? I have oily skin and always try my best to limit it by using products that are oil free and I follow a very strict regime for my facials because oily skins are prone to having acnes because of the amount of oil the skin produces. So if you suffer from acnes and oily skin, there may be other things you are doing to irritate your skin unknown to you

•Using make up or skin care products containing known acne offenders such as Artificial colours and fragrances, lanolin, mineral oil, petroleum and Isoproply Myristate can cause u a lot of unnecessary stress. Always read contents of what you apply to your face and test out products to see if your skin can take it.
•Over drying your face with harsh cleansers, soap and alcohol based toners contributes to facial pores and acnes, I advise ladies be gentle with your skin and use a light oil free moisturizer. Also pat your face twice a week with cold water to keep the face moist and fresh, great face recipe.

•Applying too much pressure to your skin such as pressing your mobile against your skin or always resting on your hand is not a good thing, this exposes your skin to millions of bacteria seriously.

•Not changing your bedding and towels often enough can cause you acnes and irritations, Always change your pillow case at least once a week and your face towel or cloth twice a week and also try as much as possible to avoid / control the amount of Peanuts, Cashew nuts, Butter and Fizzy drinks and Fatty foods you consume. This will really help you, trust me.
Don’t forget these tips and your skin will thank you and of course me (he he) for it! Have a Fab week ahead.  xoxo bynki



Friday, 5 July 2013

A few great hair product worth mentioning

My hair routine products

This post is a bit random, but I thought I'd share with you some products I've been using and
enjoying that I haven't talked about before. I have very thin hair that is prone to dryness and breakage and since I wear weave all the time and heat style my hair regularly, I like to use Deep conditioners, Heat protective spray, Reviver styling mousse and Frizz hold hairspray weekly to keep my hair and weave moisturized and looking healthy. I particularly love John frieda products, their formula is designed to be distributed sparingly through WET and DRY hair using your hands or comb, before styling and they actually smell really nice, faintly fruity. What do you think of John Frieda products? Are they a staple in your hair care routine?
Have a great weekend everyone, Toodlers!  xoxo bynki


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Hair mascara

Full repair flyaway tamer. £10.99 at Boots

One of my gorgeous friend and a loyal reader of this blog Ify told me about this product (where in God’s name have I been? with all my know know? He He) and I must say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. This is a must for all you ladies out there as this tiny bottle helps you say goodbye to flyaway baby hairs and rough undergrowth and will quickly and easily flatten your hair. Honestly this is just the invention I've been waiting for and it is small enough to fit in my already full bag. This one is by John Frieda because I only use John Frieda products for my hair, Apart from my relaxer which is Doctor Miracle and my hairspray called Pink Lustre because of its lovely smell. There are other cheaper tamer in stores as well

So excited, i use mine every single day since I got it

A bigger pro store

Mac's new pro store in covent gardens

Hello Makeup fans, it's time to celebrate again as one of your most loved brand MAC has opened another enormous MAC Pro store in Covent Garden, stocking its much loved products that are used at fashion week shows from Erdem to Donna Karan there. There are currently just 34 Mac Pro stores around the world, with only two stores in London. Without the Pro customer, Mac probably wouldn't exist because that’s where it  all started according to Mac’s global brand president Karen Buglisi. She said the professional customer is very important to them, they're our influencers because they use our products backstage, they use them on set and that means a lot to us so we want to continue to engage them. This year Mac is supporting over 1,000 industry products from theatre, editorial, performing arts, stage shows and music festivals. The brand new convent store features a MAC Lash Bar, a dedicated events space and a private makeup area. The store also offers a new service menu where customers can choose from a range of makeover options. The store is open now on Covent Garden's James Street and as a Mac Pro customers (me, me, me) I can help you get products you ordinarily cant find in your regular Mac store, so hit me up on email if you have any questions.  xoxo bynki

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Still got it and smoking hot!

Super model Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell looking hot at 43 despite being in the game for over two decades and recently suffering a breakup with her boyfriend of over 5 years Russian Billionaire Vlad Doronin (now Ex), her ebony skin tone is glowing, this is what I call HAWT! Now trying to catch up and watch the BET awards held this past Sunday. #gluedtomytv


Kate Middleton effect

Duchess of Cambridge

According to a recent survey by Totalbeauty dot com, Kate Middleton is the UK's most influential beauty icon by a landslide, beating out both Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham. Really? How so??? Okay let’s read on and find out why. The Duchess of Cambridge not only influences women's fashion choices, with anything affordable she wears selling out in hours( yes I know that ), she's also making waves on the beauty scene, with 30% of women in the UK saying they would buy the same beauty products as her. There's a catch though. Based on compiled reports of her assorted beauty and hair expenses, Kate spends around $31,000 on her beauty routine annually. Here’s a list of her favourite daily routine and see how much they cost.

1.      Facials - Kate uses Deborah Mitchell Bee Venom facials, also known as "nature's botox" and she uses it twice a month and one visit with the esthetician cost $250, and with a facial every two weeks, that's $6,500 a year.

2.      Hair - Kate visits the Richard Ward Hair and Metrospa for her blowouts and a keratin infusion. Each visit cost $75 and she visits three times a week, that's $11,732 a year. Her maintenance trims cost $242, so at 10 times a year that's $2,420.  And then there's her hair colour. Believe it or not, Kath adds color and gloss to her hair for $376 every six weeks, which makes $3,008 a year.

3.      Makeup – Kate’s fav makeup is Bobbi Brown is one of Kate's faves. She uses Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish Foundation $48, Sheer Colour Lip Gloss $17, Long Wear Gel Eyeliner $22, Blush $24, and Creamy Matte Lip Colour $24, that would cost more than $900 a year.

4.      Nails -  Kate gets natural looking manicures at the Jo Hansford Salon where manicures cost $58 and pedicures sets you back $76. A manicure and pedicure every two weeks costs almost $3,500 a year

5.      Skincare Products - Kate's devoted to Karin Herzog skincare. According to the brand's UK managing director, she uses Karin Herzog Professional Cleansing Cream  $50, the Vita-A-Kombi 1 $76, the Vita-A-Kombi 3 Spot Zapper $32 and the Oxygen Face Cream $54. Restocking these products every three months costs $848

6.      Tanning -  It's rumoured that Kate gets sunless tans, which cost $118 at her usual salon. Assuming she goes once every three weeks, that's $2,000 a year.
      7.   Fagrance - Kate's wedding fragrance, Illuminum White Gardenia Petals costs $150

Monday, 1 July 2013

Brow factor

Mac eye brow. £12.50

Forget bad hair or dressing days, this is the moment of brow prominence. Like seriously, the last thing we need after perfecting our facial makeup is bad eyebrows. Behold MAC's brow enhancer, this simple pen instantly adds colour, density, shape and an arch to die for when you stroke it through your brows. Beauty gurus are raving about its wonders, Kiss goodbye to ugly fake brow and raise those brows of your high and proud!  xoxo bynki