Saturday, 20 July 2013

NYX brand

Happy Saturday Guys, So Sorry my blogging has been quite slow, my laptop charger packed up and I only got another one yesterday. It’s been really sunny and hot recently and am loving it so I ventured out yesterday to sample makeups as usual and ended up buying myself a few items on my wish list. I got the NYX lipstick, NYX powder and Primark Disney nightwear. I will have to state that NYX is one of my favourite inexpensive makeup brand and I have heard many things about it, mostly good.

Nyx lipstick in Apollo. £4.00
Love the colour

Their lipstick is very smooth, creamy  and have wonderful pigmentation. I can't say enough good things about this lipstick, I love the colour and the smell of this stuff, It's like putting candy on my lip.

I am pleasantly surprised at how good the powder is as well, it’s finely milled and you can use either of the colour for a golden glow. The staying power is about 3 hours but for the price I paid, it is a bargain with very affordable price, I’d say this powder does what it says it does but I can’t compare it to the higher end brands. I am a firm believer of “you get what you paid for, so my lovely readers - Would you prefer to splurge because of the brand name and quality, or do you love a bargain with the uncertainty of quality?  xoxo bynki

Nyx Powder. £6.50

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