Monday, 27 January 2014

Sales Sales Sales

Hi guys! I've got some lovely foundation brushes and beauty blenders for sales. RC comestic brand and very affordable and high quality, i know because i use them, highly recommended
One Foundation Brush + One Beauty Blender + Including Delivery = £10
One Foundation Brush + One Beauty Blender - Excluding Delivery = £7

Email me for more info or send your enquires to
Thank you. xoxo  bynki

A Little January Haul

Hello guys! I did a little haul from boots the other day and almost everything i got where either half price or buy one get one half price. I love to shop in boots when they have promotions and discount sales because one can stock up on basic essentials for less. Included in this haul is my new Anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade, it's the lastest product from the queen of brows and i decided to get one for myself because i love her products. i dropped it in this boots plastic when it arrived.

After my review on the Wilkinson Intuition sword i received for free, i told you guys i was going to repurchase the product because i really liked it, well i bought two. I picked up the revitalising and sensitive care sword at boots and i got them for half price £3.49 each (what a bargain). I also got Nivea pearl and beauty roll-on, it's my favourite one and i love how it keeps my under arm dry and smooth all day, it smell lovely too, very feminine. Next is the Maybelline baby lips, after i did a post during the launch of these balms, i got sent some for review but i mistakenly gave them out to a friend without even testing them out (how silly), i saw them on promo for buy one, get one half price and decided to buy two colours i believe i would use, they are Peach Kiss and Pink Punch. I also got the Origins super spot remover, remember i told you guys that my face is breaking out big time, well i bought this to help treat it. Then i got a new nail polish remover, this one really caught my eye, it's different from the regular liquid bottle remover that you use with cotton wool, this one is called Pretty Quik Manicure on the go, it claims it's an instant nail polish remover, i can't wait to try it and do a review on it. Last but certainly not least is Anastasia brow pomade, a cream brow filler, i have the pencil brow wiz and it's fab so am hoping this will top it. I shall be doing a review on each items individually once i use them particularly the Origins. Wishing you all a great week ahead, Toodles. xoxo  bynki

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Glossybox January 2014 Back To Basics Review

Hi my lovely readers, i received my GB box on tuesday morning and with excitement opened the box only to find these annoying products inside, i say annoying only because i had high expectation for the first box of the year tagged back to basics. However i used some of the products yesterday and i'm going to talk about them eventhou i have mixed feelings about some of the products, So let's go....

YU-BE Moisturising Skin Cream - I have never heard of this product before and i don't intend using it either so for me it's a complete waste. i got 2x 3g samples and the full size price is £13.50 for 33g

BALANCE ME Super Toning Body Wash - I might probably use this one day to relax when i run out of body wash so i'll keep it close by incase. It says it's a morning toning boost wash and i received a 50ml sample, the full size is £10.50 for 250ml

THE VINTAGE COMESTICS COMPANY  Floral Slated Tweezers - I have got so many tweezers both in my kit and personal use (i love my Anastasia beverly hill one ) but this looks pretty and very girly so i will definitely be using it. I received the full size item which cost £8.00

ANATOMICALS Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer Wake-up Under Eye Patches - This is an eye patch to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles under the eye skin, do i really need these now? No!. I received 2x 6g Sachets which i feel is very generous. the full size is 3x 6g for £6.00

VASELINE Essential Moisture Lotion - Vaseline is a very good moisture lotion especially in the cold weather, i used this yesterday on myself and my kids and i was impressed with it, it's non greasy and absorbed immediately into our skin. I like it and would for sure be buying the full size. I got the 50ml sample and the full size is £4.99 for 400ml.

This month's box in my opinion is worth around £18-£19 which is fair but because the products inside have not much use to me, i would say am disappointed. But i would be very happy to pass the ones i wouldn't be using to someone who will, if you would like to have them, pls email me and i'll gladly send them to you. Wishing you all a great day, Toodles, xoxo bynki

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Pro Hygiene Brush Cleaner & Wet N Wild Lipstick Review


Hi guys, hope you all are doing well. Reviews on this blog has been quite slow and that's due to a few reasons, i'll be honest i've been suffering from a really rough breakout because of different products i test out everyday and i guess my face could'nt take it anymore and finally reacted. It's a shame because i must personally test out products myself before i write a review on them or recommend it to you guys whether or not it's worth buying. And because i get sent different products from different company, there's so much to try on one face (just my face), and that's why i haven't been posting makeup reviews lately, allowing my face time to heal before i put anything makeup on, because my face looks like crap right now. I got some handmade products and some Origins products to use and so far, it's working. In the meantime i will be reviewing other makeup related products and today am talking about this amazing brush cleaner and lovely lipstick.

This is the Pro Hygiene Collection makeup brush cleaner, it's a duo combined product and i must say how happy i am to have it. It's a spray cleaner with antibacterial to reduce any infection you might get from using your makeup brushes on different faces and to clean your brushes at the same time, honestly i love this product as it saves me time and can remove anything from product residue to oil whilst still sanitizing my brushes. It says it kills 99.99% of bateria within 60 seconds with just one spray and guess what?? it does Exactly that! I use it on both my natural and synthetic brush and other tools in my kit. The packaging is very simple and easy to use, i particularly like the spray nozzle as it is sturdy and dispenses just the right amount i need to wipe my brushes. I use kitchen towels as a base to do the cleaning as it's more effective and fast. As a MUA, ensuring my makeup tools and kit are clean is super important because you are applying and using same tool on different people, you have to keep yourself and your clients safe by washing, cleaning and disinfecting all your work tools. I strongly recommend this and also check out their other products.

This lipstick is by Wet & Wild in Cherry Bomb, it's a lovely deep dark red colour that gives a very vampy look and i'm so impressed with it, i have had it for a while now and thought to do a review on it. I requested for this shade because i couldn't get the riri hearts mac talk that talk lipstick and this was the closest dupe to it and i can tell you, it's even better because TTT is very dry and patchy.

Wet & Wild lipsticks are not available here in the UK therefore it's quite a struggle to find a seller, i got mine from a friend who visited the US a while back. This cherry bomb shade makes me feel very sexy when i have it on, it's perfect for fall and winter season or date night. I particularly like the satin finish it gives and it's so pigmented too, i'm tempted to get more of their lipstick because they have stunning shades and the price is unbelievable, they cost just $1.99, say whattt???. This lipstick doesn't require lip liner because it's very rich in colour but i suggest you blot when you apply to avoid thin lines on the lip and bleeding. I'm definitely keen for more Wet & Wild products like their eyeshadow palettes and eye liners, have you guys tried any of their products before?. Have a lovely day and Toodles. xoxo  bynki

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Rihanna New Spokeswoman For Mac Viva Glam

Mac Comestics has chosen Rihanna to collaborate with again, this time for their Viva Glam Campaign, she will be their new spokesperson for 2014. The beauty shades will feature riri chic frost red lipstick and lipglass. RiRi is a force to reckon with as her love for bold lipstick is something every girl would want and personally speaking, i find her a great match for this campaign especially after her last year success with them (Mac) where products sold out in minutes. (RiRi Hearts Mac).

Mac Viva Glam  (for those who don't know) actually helps contribute to HIV/AIDS cause, for every product you buy, Mac donates every cent to the fund towards helping women, men and children living with this disease. Rihanna says makeup is her major accessory, it can make her outfit, change her outfit and that's why she loves to play with colours. Viva Glam has seen other celebrities support its cause from Nicki Minaj to Lady Gaga, each having products named after them. I can't wait for the release this month ending and am looking forward to it, hope you are too! Have a Fab day everyone and God bless. Toodles, xoxo  bynki

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Wilkinson Intuition Naturals Review

My GB box for december came in ages ago but the holiday season didn't give me time to review the products inside mainly because i wasn't particularly impressed with the products inside except for two items which caught my eye. The Maybelline volume express mascara which i already own, love and use on a daily basis and the Wilkinson intuition naturals sensitive sword, which i couldn't wait to try.

I must say i was very excited to try this product and am indeed very happy with the result it offered, as i usually just walk pass it when i see it in stores. It's a cool fancy shaving razor in a world of it's own, makes shaver application easy, simple and less stressful, has easy handle and does the job quicker.

The packaging is quite simple, has an aqua green and cream colour with soft edges and firm handle, it also has an extra attachment thing to hang the shaver on your bathroom wall for easy storage and in shower use.

It is perfect for shower because it has a soap bar round with the razor in the middle making it easy to lather and shave at the same time (what a great idea and better value), and the soap is made out of coconut and almond oil to help condition the skin. This one is for sensitive skin so if you have normal skin, i suggest you look for normal to dry skin ones as this is not for you. I would also advice you use this only on areas you can reach, only because it's a bit bulky and can't really get into those tight intimate corners, Overall it's a wondeful product and i am really glad to have tested it and i would definitely purchase it again. The only con is the price tag which i personally think is much @ £6.49, as most people would rather buy a whole packet of 12 razors for £1.99, but i guess to each their own. I do think this luxury is worth it and more as i enjoyed using it. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your week, Toodles. xoxo bynki

Friday, 3 January 2014

Mac's Saint Germain & Flat Out Fabulous Review

Hi guys, my first post of the year are these lovely lipsticks i got for Christmas from my baby, they are Mac's Saint Germain and Flat out Fabulous.These colours have actually been on my mind for a while so you can imagine my excitement when i got them, i was happy because for me, the thought of giving me gifts just makes me feel special. The shades are very daring, bright and pretty and will definately add colour to your lips. Saint Germain is an amplified lipstick with a cream formula, i really like the fact that it glides on smooth and doesn't dry out the lip, it's long lasting too and wears for about 5-6 hours on me. It is incredibly bright therefore will attract attention and people will notice you so if you are the shy type, this one is not for you. The colour is a bright lilac with pink tone and after it settles on the lips, it gradually fades into a very beautiful pale barbie pink colour which i love, it will suit any skin tone but will really pop on light to warm skins.

Flat Out Fabulous is actually from their retro matte 2013 collection, i missed out of getting myself one when it launched because it sold out fast so i was super excited to finally have it (thanks baby). It's a lovely fuchsia matte colour with purple plum tone and as matte as it looks, it actually applied better than i thought it would, it went on smooth because it has more moisturizing than Mac's regular matte line and didn't dry out my lips that much, the colour was very rich and opaque. It has reflects two colours when in bright or dark areas so bear that in mind when purchasing it, if you have dry or cracked lips, ensure you exfoliate your lips properly and use lip balm before you apply this lipstick as it tends to show fine lines on the lip and that can be very irritating. You can use lip liner before you apply it to aviod bleeding if you want, but i found out i didn't need to on myself, the wear time is about 5-6 hours. This shade is universal so will suit both light skin as well as dark skin. Hope you all have a great weekend filled with holiday cheers and welcome on board 2014! xoxo bynki

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014 !!!!!
Happy New Year, Love From Bynki

Happy New Year my lovely readers! This year will be a great one filled with favours and hopefully inspire each and every one of us to be the best at what we do. I started this blog last year because of my passion for beauty and so far, the responses (love &support) has been overwhelming, i just want to say how grateful i am to you guys. Thank you so much for supporting me all the way, i look forward to sharing many new reviews and exciting things on this blog this new year. God bless you all. xoxo  bynki