Thursday, 29 August 2013

Rouge Dior

Dior New Shades

Dior this lunched over 30 new shades of Rouge collection, Lip contour pencil and Le vernis nail polishs to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of this beauty icon. "I love red, it is the colour of life" - Christain Dior

Mac Lip Tubes

Mac Lippy

Mac lipgelle is a lip gloss in a tube and it's very juicy, this tube definately magnets luscious lips on me when i use it. The fact that it's in a tube makes it super easy to use and it suits all ages, i use them simply as a gloss or as a glossy finish over my lipstick. They last long too and even after wear, i still feel the gloss on my lips without the colour (sort of like a lip balm), the texture is rich and smooth and has a gel like feel to it without been sticky. Am not very pleased with the colour because it's not very sharp, less pigmentation because when i use it, it's abit transparent with very little colour showing on my lips. Overall great handy formula and pratical too. Althou now discontinued, the new replacement for it is called mineralized tinted lip balm and is £17.00 while the clear colour remains same at £14.00. Indulge yourself with one or two tubes, it's definately worth having. Thank you for all your emails and pls keep them coming if you have any questions.  xoxo bynki

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My Three Favourite Concealers

Concealer is very important in your makeup routine and i personally have my favourite that i use. There are so many out there so its pretty difficult to choose but i have stuck with three very good concealers mainly because i have used them personally and not had any reasons to complain so for me there are the best hands down and i can't imagine not having them in my kit and the prices are suitable to me in a price range of £10-£30. On my clients i use the Maybelline instant age rewind and the Bobbi Brown creamy one while i use the Pro longwear one for my personal use, i use only my beauty blender to apply concealers as they reach the inner corners of my eyes better and blend flawlessly. They happen to brighten my face and lock in my setting powder better, take care not to apply too much and always choose the right shade for your face (a shade lighter). Concealers not only covers dark circles under the eyes, they also cover puffy eyes and imperfections and are very universal and have other benefits to the skin, althou if you use it wrongly it can cause the opposite. My favourite three to choose from and suit your wallet
Under £10 - Maybelline instant age rewind
Under £20 - Mac pro longwear concealer
Under £30 - Bobbi brown creamy concealer kit
Remember never put a light colour concealer on a pimple as this will only make it look cakey and larger!  xoxo bynki

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Gucci+Beyonce =Tour

Queen Bey

Speaking about fashion and style, Gucci dressed beyonce for her ongoing tour Mrs Carter Show Tour and she's wearing two of the stunning outfits above. Queen B will unveil more looks during the Latin America leg of her tour kicking off on September 8 in Brazil

Collection Clear Lash

Colour Lash. Boots £2

Is this the perfect clear lash gel? This is Colour Lash clear gel from The Collections Brand that i use and for me it serves two purposes, as a clear Mascara and as a Brow gel. This product will tame your lashes/brow and keep them in place all day long. I use this gel very often as it never fails in my makeup kit since the day i found it. It truly lifts and seperates my lashes and brows as it says on the tube and i can say it's as good and similar as any other high end brands (except for the hype). I love this product, it's very light and isn't sticky or lumpy and the smell is neutral, the wand inside is straight and shaped round at the tip to pack just enough gel in one stroke. When used on my eyelashe, it truly lenghtens and seperates them and is like a prep base for my actual mascara to rest on, sort of a primer. I really like this product and for the very affordable price of £2, you will be amazed at how beautiful and natural it is.  xoxo bynki

Monday, 26 August 2013

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner

Maybelline eyeliner. £7.99

I hope you are all well and had a fab weekend, today am sharing my review on this Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner because it's what i currently use when i makeup clients, althought it has been in the market for a long time now but i only discovered it after my Mac fluid gel liner ran out and i did'nt want to repurchase it so i get this maybelline one in 2 colours Black and Espresso (£7.99) after hearing many great reviews about it and it's cheaper compared to Mac's. As with gel liners they are known for their lasting power and smooth application and this did'nt dissappoint at all and am pretty pleased, it has a very creamy texture and dries out quickly once you apply it on, the colours are very intensed with great pigmentation and i really like it. It last all day when i apply it and doesn't shift or smudge at all. I love to use it on brides as it stays put and is very smooth on eyes. It comes in a stylish round pot container with a travel size thin brush to make application easy, the only cons i have about this liner is the lack of colour choice (would love it in other colours) otherwise it's a really good little eyeliner, i love the formula, the colour and ease of application. It's super easy to remove as well with face wipes or eye remover and a pot can last you a while. Enjoy your bank holiday everyone!  xoxo bynki 

Sunday, 25 August 2013

New One For Men

Dior Homme edp

Dior Homme a fragance with 1000 faces and a masculine array of possibilities....Live free, fast and set your man on pace with this perfume, it's extremely Sexy! Robert Pattinson is the new face of the campaign

RiRi Hearts MAC Fall Collection

Rihanna 4 Mac Fall Colletion

Here's a peak for Mac RiRi Fall Collection and unlike the summer collection of only lipsticks, blush duo and bronzer, the fall collection debuts some new addition. For me it's all a bit too much but that said, will still buy a few, The lipstick range also features RiRi Woo again but this time with a pencil and lipglass attached to get the complete look with rihanna effect, quite nice. The packaging is really pretty, i really like the eyeliner, brow pencil and blush....Super gorgeous! Hopefully with more pictures of swatches from Mac, we can tell if this collection is going to be a hit or miss (the first two were massive HITS). But i think the packaging alone is going to get us girls buying it.

The lipstick are Talk that Talk, RiRi Woo, Who's dat Chic and Nude'e
The lipglass is RiRi Woo
The prolongwear pencils are RiRi Woo and Talk that Talk
The eyeshadowsa are Her Cocoa and Smoked Cocoa
The brow liners are Deep brunette and Deep Dark brunette
The cream colour base is Diamond
The mascara is Gigablack
The eyeliner is Point Black
The blush is Bad Girl gone Good and Hibiscus Kiss
The eyelashes is number 35 and 36
Lastly the brush which is number 187 SE and 282 SE

Available October 3rd, Online only. Fancy anything? will you be buying or keeping your wallet safe?  xoxo bynki

Friday, 23 August 2013

Mac prep+prime Lip

Mac Prep+Prime. £12.50

My lovely prep and prime is the best thing since sliced bread to happen to my lips, i adore this primer and use it every single day for work and myself. It moisturizes my lips and keeps them chap free, it's a perfect base for my lipstick (like canvas) as it makes my lipstick glide on smoothly with ease and elongates the wear of my lipsticks. It's one beauty product i truly recommend as it has many benefits to the lip. No more dry flaky lips and wave goodbye to bleeding when you use this product. The packaging is sleek and slim and can fit into any bag even the smallest, thininest bag, the content is a white buttery vaselin like substance and you can twist the tube like lipstick for easy application. The price is quite high as Mac tends to be, however it would last you a really long time, I love this primer and 5/5 recommend. Enjoy  xoxo bynki

Thursday, 22 August 2013

A New Version Coke?

The Coke For Life Bottle

The new coke bottle lunched in Argentina in June 2013 sporting a new green cap, label and recipe (naturally sweetened). It is only available in south american countries for now, don't know if it will be lunched elsewhere in the world. What do you think about the changed colour, you like?

Maybelline's Neon Fuchsia Flash

Maybelline Vivid Collection Fuchsia Flash. £7.19

This is Maybelline Vivid Collection lipstick in Neon Fuchsia Flash, as summer is slowly coming to an end, i have decided to make the most of it and wear my hot spade lip colours and this is one of them. It's a beautiful colour in blue bold pink, very similar to Mac's Candy Yum Yum, i got the Maybelline one because i dont like to spend money on bright lipsticks because i only wear them once in a while so i prefer buying bright bold colour lipsticks in drugstore brands. This shade is very beautiful and very pigmented and smooth, when i apply it, it comes off a bit creamy which i like and can last me 5-6 hours so the lasting power is good. I don't use primer or lip balm or pencil when i wear this lipstick as it slaps enough brightness on my lips, the vivid neon collection is totally on point and Maybelline did a great job with the colours. I also own the Shocking coral shade and Stay with me coral in the Superstay 24 collection (Coral just happens to be my right now favourite). Always remember to keep your makeup light when you have bright lipstick on. Have you tried any of the vivid collection?  xoxo bynki

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bronzers I Love

Bronzers gives you a glow ladies

We all need a pot of bronzer in our makeup collection especially during the summertime as they make us look like golden goddesses. Bronzers comes in three types  Liquid, Cream and Powder. Here’s how to apply them bynki style starting with a light hand movement and build gradually
Liquid: Mix a drop of product with tinted moisturizer/ foundation for an overall glow

Cream/gel: Dab the product unto areas where the sun would normally hit you, ie cheeks, forehead, chin

Powder: dig a big puffy brush into the product, tap off excess. Brush above brow bone, under cheek bone and under jaw line, tracing a 3 on each side.  Blend well.

If you apply too much, blot the area with Kleenex tissue or apply loose powder on top to tone it down. I use the following bronzers for myself and my clients Dior sunset which i have already done a review on, Cover girl bronze, Mac skin finish in Medium which i absoultely love and this one above Rimmel natural which gives a very natural glow. Without bronzer on me, my face looks blank and dull but these bad boys pop my face with just one sweep of bronzer and my face comes alive, cant do without them. There are different brands, shades and types of bronzers out there, always remember to pick up shades that are two tones darker than your skintone and consider the price as well,  you don't want to buy something too expensive or too cheap without giving you the desired result at the end. Meanwhile i am trying to organise my makeup table as it's over flowing with so many makeup products and my organising display box can't fit them anymore as it's too full, i intend to get a bigger drawer now that i'm fully into beauty blogging (with more clients as well), and be able to store them nicely and neatly. I will do an update as soon as it's done. I'm yet to get a new computer so please bear with me, all my recent post are taken from my draft archives (thankfully i have over 30 unposted topics ) because i can't micro word on this desk top that i'm using now (strange right?), i can't even transfar pics from my camera, it's very annoying but fingers crossed i hope it's all sorted soonest. A big thank you to everyone who takes time out to view my blog, introduce friends, send me emails and comment on post, i really apprecaite you guys for driving my vision this far, please continue to support me and subscribe to my blog. Alot of you are asking me to start doing youtube videos, i am seriously thinking about it ( it requires alot of time) and with two young toddlers running around, it's something i need to figure out because i would really love to do it as i have some very talented beauty gurus that i look up to on youtube. Speaking of youtube, i will do a post on youtube gurus that i admire and learn from so you too can check them out and subscribe to them. Thanks guys and do have a great day!  xoxo bynki

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Mac Pro Longwear Foundation

Mac pro longwear foundation. £26

Mac foundations are probably the most popular foundation in the world today (althou not for everybody as it causes breakout for some people) and i am going to be doing a review on Mac liquid foundation. I personally prefer to use the pro longwear one because i like it more, the studio fix one is equally good as well, they are practically the same thing with very little difference. I like to use this foundation because it has no smell, i don't really like foundation with smell, scent etc. it gives a semi matte finish to the face after application therefore not a good choice for oily skin like me but i still use it because i like that it suits my skintone more, it's very easy to blend but takes longer to set and it drys out so quick that i have to be very fast in applying it or else the unblended side ends up looking cakey. The coverage is medium to mid-full  so if you like full coverage, i would suggest you get the studio fix one instead. For me it last all day but after 7-6 hours, i get oily on my t zone which is not a good thing but i now use a setting spray which keeps shine at bay. It photographs pretty well but studio fix photograhps better, the bottle comes with a pump but gets messy after every use especially frequent use like mine. When i purchase foundations, i look out for four things which are coverage, colour, lasting power and price and this foundation ticked the box for me. It is also very light and smooth and has an SPF10 in it, i would have liked a higher SPF in it but it's okay for me as i don't have acnes on my face and don't really stay in the sun for long so it's perfect. Studio fix has a higher one with SPF15, the shade range is okay with 16 colours to choose from whereas the studio fix has a shade range of about 26 colours offering you more options. In conclusion i love both foundation as they both provide amazing result but i prefer this one as it works well on my skin. Always make sure you find what works best for you before you buy and don't buy because your friend or someone you know bought, it might not just work or suit you like your friend. I really want to try out the face and body as well ( so many raves about it), has anyone tryed it out? Hit me on email or comment.  Toodlers

Monday, 19 August 2013

Max Factor Flame Red Lipstick

Max Factor's Flame Lipstick. £6.99

Hi guys and welcome to a new week, i hope u all had a well rested weekend. Today am talking about Hot red Lipstick, YEAH red lips is the latest trend in the beauty world and every woman wants to have one. Mac obviously is in the top contender list for delivering the best red lipstick but the price is not suited to everyone's pocket so i am going to be doing a review on some other brand's red hot lipsticks that you can pick up for under £10 bargain. Above is one my favourite, Max Factor lipstick in Flame red, i absolutely love this lipstick, with a purchase price of £6.99, this is a must buy. The intensity of the lipstick is insane and it is matte which is what ladies are wanting now in lipsticks. I love to wear this lipstick more often because it does'nt bleed and the shade is super nice too, a deep red, almost with warm tone on application. I love this lipstick for both day and night look, it fits perfectly into my bag and the lasting power is about 8-10 hours without too much eating and drinking. It feels very moisturising on my lips and i feel like am wearing a very pigmented lipbalm which is a good thing because when the lipstick finally fades off, i still get the stain on my lips. I dont apply lipgloss on top because i just love the retro old glam hollywood feel matte lipstick gives but you can add lipgloss if you want a little shine but bear in mind, it might bleed a little if you do. I love the Max Factor beauty range, they have alot of items you can pick up for reasonable prices and the best part is that they are of very high quality with good pigmentation and very dependable too, especially with their lipsticks, what you see in the tube is what you get on your lips with Max Factor. I am looking forward to buying more from their counter and gleaming coral is on my wishlist, another good red is Rimmel's kate kiss of life lipstick for £5.99. What is your Favourite red lipstick? pls leave your comments. Much love bynki

Friday, 16 August 2013

Tightline Your Gorgeous Eyes!

Use a Good Eyeliner Gel and Flat Eyeliner Brush to get this look....bynki

This is a new technique i just discovered on how to tightline your eyes to make them appear Bigger, Fuller and Brighter, who does'nt want that for their eyes? Well it's very simple and esay to do, all you need to do is line your lashline, emphasize your eyes very well to give the illusion of voluminous lashes, that's all. This trend is well used amongst popular make up artists and with the proper tools, you too can incoporate tightlining into your makeup routine just like me! To start i always apply liner after i’ve put on my eyeshadows, i then spray some Mac fix+ (you can use water if you dont have fix+) on the cake liner, and dip a flat liner brush onto my gel liner, flat liner brush is always best to apply and achieve smooth straight line because you want the consistency of the liner to be thick and not too runny. Begin by closing your eye to be lined and slightly pull the corner of it, immediately dab the flat liner onto your lashline and the empty space right between your lashes to tightline, repeat the process along the entire lash line until your entire top lid is lined then let it dry for a few seconds, And voila! Take a look at those beautiful tighlined eyes of yours! Have a Fab weekend everyone,  xoxo bynki

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Favourite lipgloss

Mac, Maybelline, Mary Kay, Bourjise
Urban Decay, Revlon, Mua.
Hi guys, how are you all doing? it feels so good to be back, My little princess party was a success and i want to use this blog as a medium to say a very big thank you to everyone that came to celebrate with us, God bless you all. From the pictures above are my little collection of lipgloss, i dont wear much gloss and that's why i have this few. They are my everyday, outing, evening glosses that i use when i want minimal shine on my lips and as you can notice i like them pale pink and nude in colour. I use the Mary Kay pink diamond and Urban Decay pinkie alot more than the others as i love the pearly little glitters in it. All my lipgloss are feel thick in consistency but not sticky when applied on my lips, they also keep my lips hydrated and impart some mositure as well. Lipgloss can be build just like lipstick, the more coats you apply, the better the pigments so you can build your gloss to your liking. Lipgloss is especially good when you dont feel like wearing lipstick, you can apply it on its own and when you wear lipstick, you can apply it on top of your lipstick. There are different lipglosses out there,  what is your Favourite???  Toodles

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Eye Makeup Remover

L'oreal Eye makeup Remover. £3.99 Boots

This is my at the moment eye makeup remover, Loreal eye. Its a cool turquoise blue water liquid that instantly removes my eyeshadows, water proof mascara and gel liners. I find that this remover does exactly the same thing as other high end expensive ones and i wonder to myself why we sometimes spend money for brand names knowing fully well that we are been ripped off. This remover is so true to what it says, it's so cool that it does'nt irriate my eyes rather it gives me this refreshing feeling. It has no oil in, therefire it is perfect for oily skin, this remover works so fast that i only have to wipe twice with a cotton wool to clear my entire lid. It comes in a little tansparent bottle with white cap and you can see bubbles when you shake or turn the bottle upside down. the packaging is also great for travelling as it's quite handy. The best part is the price, it cost only £3.99 and you can find it in Boots. I've been super busy putting finishing touches for my Daughter's Birthday party which is in a few days, i am so excited to see all my efforts play out finally. I have really payed attention to details as i want a Chic fairy themed party for her (will post pictures). I am praying and hoping the weather turns out great (fingers crossed), For some strange reasons i noticed that Mothers always go the extra mile when planning birthdays for Girls than Boys, why is that so???  because personally i did find it less stressful when i did my Son's birthday party so i can say its true, what do you think?  Do have a great day everyone. TOODLERS

Monday, 5 August 2013

Mac Prep+Prime EYE

Mac prep+prime Eye. #12.50
This is Mac prep and prime eyeshadow primer, its a creamy light primer to help prime your lid so that eyeshadows can last longer. However i did notice that whenever i wear this primer, my eyeshadow look even worse, dry and flaky. This is practically the worse eyeshadow primer there is out there, even blending was a nightmare with this primer. i know alot of people would be like what MAC??? yes the fact that it's Mac doesnt mean it would work magic like some other Mac products, this one is just a complete NO NO. It does nothing and will even grease your shadows. Thankfully i have other primer that i use like the Benefit primer which is wonderful and does the job of giving my eyeshadows more pigment and making it last longer. You can see from the pot in the picture that i have barely used it, i just dumped it in the bottom of my makeup rack. It appears to be even shiny when you apply it and the lasting power is zero. It comes in a cute round small pot thou and is very handy but unfortunately it doesnt do its job. This primer is by far the worse Mac product i have ever used and i am sorry i will not be repurchasing it again. What is your favourite eyeshadow primer??? Please fill me in. I hear UD primer is very good and i have it in my wishlist. Do have a wonderful week ahead and i hope i can get back to posting ASAP. Toodlers!

Sorry Message for the Inconstant Posting

Hi Guys its been a while since i last posted, i am really sorry. My computer completely packed up and i have'nt gotten another one as i've been busy planning my lil princess birthday party, so many things to be done as i want a cute chic party (will bring you all the pictures). This is why i have'nt had time to upload post, as soon as i get myself a new computer, i will resume my daily post full time. i hope you guys understand and thank you so much for your support, without you this blog would be nothing and it means alot to me. Please continue to email me any questions you have. Enjoy your week ahead and plenty to look forward to!  xoxo bynki

Thursday, 1 August 2013

In Love....Eau de Perfume

Touching light perfume

I wish you could be here to really see it, and smell it! Yes, I said smell. This is my most recent purchase of perfume and I am Loving both content and bottle to bits

A marriage of perfume & bottle

It’s the most Feminine Chic Old School Perfume I have ever had, the bottle of the perfume comes with a traditional little squeezing bulb with a tazzle in the end – utter Paris glamour! Absolutely stunning and super chic even when placed on the shelf.  xoxo bynki