Saturday, 13 July 2013

Juicy Estee Lauder

Cello shot cheeks. £24.00

This just might be Estée Lauder's most playful collection I have tried and used to date, I tried it out at the Mall yesterday and it was really nice, it's Gel base so it stays glued to your skin and doesn’t move, the colour is very vibrant and I really liked how it looked on me and the SA was very helpful and attentive and tried her very best to sell me this product, I just wasn't very conceived especially as the price was a drawback for me, it was just too expensive for a Blush (in my opinion). But hey if your wallet can afford it, why not? This shot can be used as an all rounder as well, you can use it on your Lips, as a Lip shine and as a Blush for your cheeks. The Cello Shots collection gives a high shine colour shot that can be layered up for a more intense colour, It’s a beauty addict must have and you will be hooked if you try it on. I really did like it but the price...scratching my head!  xoxo bynki



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