Monday, 29 July 2013

Kardashian beauty Joystick & Lash

Kardashian Joystick Lipstick. £10.95

This is a lipstick in a pen twist up stick way and the colour is Modern Mauve (Kourtney’s colour). As expected, I was impressed with the girl’s effort on this lipstick. It’s almost like a creamy butter texture and gives a very nice coverage on the lips, providing a natural matte finish alongside a lovely vanilla smell. It’s super easy to use and it glides on the lips softly without drying out. My lip was smooth and soft when I applied it with a lip primer underneath. It’s so chic and comfortable and it didn’t stain or bleed at all, it lasted me hours even after eating and drinking.

Colour- Modern Mauve joystick
Highly recommend, it comes in other colours as well. The lashes were to die for. I got the one in Glimmer and so loved it, it was exactly what I wanted, it fit and look exactly how I like my lashes. The lashes and joystick are my favourites in their beauty venture.

Kardashian Beauty Glimmer Lash. £6.95
They are affordable and the quality is great. Give their makeup a try, U’ll be impressed! Have a good week Everyone.  Toodlers

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