Monday, 8 July 2013

Everyday habits that may be giving you Acnes

Hi Guys, How was your weekend? It was a glorious sunny weather this weekend here in the UK and I soaked up every bit of the sun, Amazing. I want to start this week talking about the Face and causes of acnes, Did you know that everyone is prone to acne? And some people are even born with four or five times more skin cells that produce more oil than the average person? I have oily skin and always try my best to limit it by using products that are oil free and I follow a very strict regime for my facials because oily skins are prone to having acnes because of the amount of oil the skin produces. So if you suffer from acnes and oily skin, there may be other things you are doing to irritate your skin unknown to you

•Using make up or skin care products containing known acne offenders such as Artificial colours and fragrances, lanolin, mineral oil, petroleum and Isoproply Myristate can cause u a lot of unnecessary stress. Always read contents of what you apply to your face and test out products to see if your skin can take it.
•Over drying your face with harsh cleansers, soap and alcohol based toners contributes to facial pores and acnes, I advise ladies be gentle with your skin and use a light oil free moisturizer. Also pat your face twice a week with cold water to keep the face moist and fresh, great face recipe.

•Applying too much pressure to your skin such as pressing your mobile against your skin or always resting on your hand is not a good thing, this exposes your skin to millions of bacteria seriously.

•Not changing your bedding and towels often enough can cause you acnes and irritations, Always change your pillow case at least once a week and your face towel or cloth twice a week and also try as much as possible to avoid / control the amount of Peanuts, Cashew nuts, Butter and Fizzy drinks and Fatty foods you consume. This will really help you, trust me.
Don’t forget these tips and your skin will thank you and of course me (he he) for it! Have a Fab week ahead.  xoxo bynki



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