Thursday, 31 October 2013

Skincare Clarins Mini Reviews

Hi guys, today am reviewing skincare and Clarins is one of my favourite skincare product out there, the strenght of this brand is broad and amazing with very effective results. They cover every aspects of skincare and makeup, the only problem i have about them are their prices, they are in my opinion over priced because not all the products are beneficial. I tryed out all the products above well over two week and i am confident in giving this honest review about them, so let's go

Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel - This is a very gentle cleanser in gel texture, it helps remove impurities from skin and left my skin feeling soft and fresh, i also used it to remove my makeup at night, a little goes a long way, as soon as i apply it and rub, it turns to foam allowing me to wash my face without normal soap. It smells great too, very fresh.

Multi Active Night - This was a bit hard for me to use as i usually don't have the time to pamper my face at night and more so, this cream is for normal to dry skin . I still went ahead to try it, it's a very smooth cream and is suppose to give a youthful appearance to the skin, i did'nt notice much about it thou, maybe because i wasn't keen on rubbing my face at night, i prefer instead to let my skin feel natural at night and just breathe. The full price for this cream is £42.00 which i think is too pricey, so i advice you pls try out a tester first before you commit to a full size especially because of the high price tag.

Daily Energizer Wake-up Booster - I actually used this one very well because it contained vitamin C (we all know what vitamin C does for the body). It really does what it say, it brightened my face instantly and was so cooling. it was like a liquid moisturizer to me, i used it with cotton pad to gently wipe my face and allowed my skin to drink up the liquid, after 2-3 mins, my skin was fresh and brighter, it also smells AMAZING!.

Daily Energizer Cream - This is suppose to be for all skin type to gain hydration and glow, and should be used after the cleansing gel and wakeup booster. It didn't do that for me, it was too drying for my liking, it made my face look dull like chalk and overly too dry, it also smells kind of like orange zest (funny).

Toning Lotion - This is by far the best of all the rest, it's a lovely soft and gentle toner lotion in liquid to help prep your skin for anything. I like the hydration this toner gave my face, it just made my skin soft, soft, soft. Once applied, it felt like gel when i rubbed it with my fingers and it does'nt contain alcohol which i love, i don't like anything with alcohol because it feels too harsh for the skin. This toner is perfect and made me feel relaxed, it contains marshmallow and sweet almond, both to soften and comfort the skin so you can imagine the smell.....AMAZING TOO!

So my final thought is that they are all good individually, i would'nt suggest using every single one of the them because to me, that's just too many products for one face. Choose one that works with your skin, and if you want it to solve a particular skin acne, buy the product you think will work best for u and always try to get sample first just because of the price, it would'nt make sense to spend all that money on a product and it turns out not working for you. I personally think the wakeup booster and toning lotion worked the best for me, they both lifted my face and brightened at the same time, i will be repurchasing both of them to add to my skincare routine. All the product mentioned are gifts with purchase that i made but they can all be bought in full size versions, Have a blessed day everyone.  xoxo bynki

Monday, 28 October 2013

Cherub's Blush Review

Hi guys, today am reviewing this tint from MeMeMe Comestics, it's their liquid blush called Cherub's Blush and it's a tint for both the cheek and the lips. I wasn't very sure about it at first sight but i still went ahead to give it a try for a whole week to get my verdict on it. This is a tint, sort of like a liquid to help stain your cheek to give colour especially for people who don't really like makeup, i applied it to my cheek with the brush inside and then use my finger to rub and blend into my skin. At first, it was quite tricky because it dried up immediately before i could even blend it out and i didn't know what to make of it, but i gave it another try, only this time i blended it faster and added about five more drops from the bottle, i got a decent amount of the tint to cover my cheek and could see the stain on my cheek and it looked beautiful, very simple.
I Used More, About 4-5 Strokes

It actually gave me a beautiful cheek and the colour is gorgeous, it can also pass as a dupe for Benefit's Benetint, i do like it and also think it's something you can just rub on your cheek in the morning to give you a flush of colour when you do your school runs, instead of having a bare face without makeup. It comes in a bottle ( like a nail polish bottle) with the exact same style of polish brush applicator inside, the liquid colour looks deep red and thick but it is very light, I always shake the bottle before use to get an even consistency. The smell seems okay to me and it's not sticky but be careful so you don't stain your clothes and other things around you. I haven't tried it on my lips yet but i do think it's a reasonable tint for those who don't generally like makeup or have the time to apply blush, this is a quick alternative to give your face a pop of colour without makeup. Also it long lasting all day too, i was quite impressed with that and for a retail price of £5.50, it's a steal and that's the best part because everyone loves a bargain. Have you tried a liquid blush before? MeMeMe Comestics are really coming on the beauty scene, have you tried any of their other products? Have a great week and Toodlers.  xoxo bynki

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Good Girl Gone Bad Blush

I finally got my hands on the RiRi Hearts Mac good girl gone bad blush, i am so excited. I love this blush, the colour is amazing and bursting with pigments, it's a copper bronze with peachy undertone colour and will suit any skin tone most especially warm, so awaiting the holiday/christmas collection.  xoxo bynki

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Premae Harmony Moisture Serum

Hi guys, so i decided to try out this moisturizer from my GB box and i must say that i am really impressed with it. It's called the Premae Harmony Moisturizing Smoothie Serum, i used it all through last week and can confirm that am hooked on it.

It's a serum moisturizer and is good for all skin types, it helps reduce shine, soothe redness and even hydrates the skin, i applied it to my face after using my regular lotion and it instantly brightened my face.

After applying it, i then used my primer before makeup and it made my makeup flawless the entire day, It has a creamy texture and you can mix it in your foundation to make a matte BB cream (that i have'nt tried yet).

It's really light and smooths out evenly on the skin, it does'nt have any smell which is a good thing and i quite like the fact that it keeps the face shine free. The packaging is simple in a plastic long bottle with pump and clear cap, nothing fanstatic about it, i personally think it looks cheap because am a hugh fan of pretty bottle, tubes and glass, packaging in general.

It vanishes once applied and rubbed as you can see, the skin absorbs it quickly and that's why you get instant matte skin. I really like it and am glad i gave it a shot, will continue using it, even purchase it again once i run out of this one, i recommend it especially if you have combination skin.  xoxo bynki

Saturday, 19 October 2013

RiRi Hearts Mac Holiday / Final Collection
RiRi Holiday

The Final batch for the RiRi Hearts Mac collection is on it's way, called the Holiday Limited Edition, this collection features a relunch of RiRi Woo lipstick and two new lipsticks called Pleasure and Bad Girl RiRi. It also includes Nail Lacquer, Superslick Liquid Eye liner, Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow, Bronzing Powder and Another Double Ended 217 / 239 Blending and Eye Brush. The packaging for this collection is quite pretty in white pearl colour with RiRi signature in rose gold details. It will launch in December in time for the Christmas Holiday and will be available at all Mac stores, locations and online. I think i will be getting the two new lipsticks and maybe another RiRi Woo. Will you be getting anything for yourself or for friends as Christmas Presents?  xoxo bynki

Ysl le 13 Orange
YSL Le 13

Honestly this lipstick is da bomb, it's a stunning orange red colour, it's longlasting and even after wear, the tint will still be noticeable on the lips. It's quite pricey but worth it as it will last you a long time, you can also use it all season and the smooth texture makes it super easy to apply. Toodlers bynki

Friday, 18 October 2013

Graftobian HD Color Palette
Lovely Palette

This is the color corrector from makeup brand Graftobian company and i want to share with you guys as it's a pleasure working with this palette, i am very happy with this product and the quality is very good. It contains five colours, provides full outstanding coverage and  feels very light and smooth when applied unto the skin. It doesn't irritate the face although it has moist because it's a cream base, here are the colours and how to use them -
Soft Orange Neutral  - blue neutralizer
Yellow Highlight - cancels deep red and purple
Muted Green - removes redness
Pink Highlight - counteracts grey and brown
Extra Highlight - a light highlight

The use of this palette is versatile especially because of the five colours in one palette and i have it in my kit, and even use it on myself. It's quite similar to cinema secrets and rcma even better. The packaging is quite simple but small enough to fit in my kit, it's a small slim and sturdy palette with see through top, it also comes in individual small pot. This palette will last you a long time because the colours are so pigmented and extremely creamy and a little goes a long way, i would definitely recommend checking this out if you are a makeup artist or an individual, it's convenient and effective and provides great coverage. Have a great weekend,  xoxo bynki

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

La Femme Blush : Heather, Orchid Ice
La Femme Blush On Rouge In Heather & Orchid Ice
I have heard many great things about la femme rouge blushes and decided to try them out myself, they are incredibly good and highly pigmented. They are so soft and easy to blend and i wished i had ordered more, they match up to Mac blushes (even better) and have various colours. Orchid ice is a cool pink with sheer subtle while Heather is a soft natural peach / coral colour. These blushes are amazing and are fully matte which i love, they last all day and look beautiful. They are inexpensive and have dozens of shades to choose from, the packaging is also very simple and easy to open, i highly recommend.  xoxo bynki

Monday, 14 October 2013

GB October Edition
Nothing Dark Romance In This Box

Hi guys, so i received my october glossy box today and i must say that i am unimpressed, everything inside the box was blah and poor and not even a full size product inside. My box contained

MeMeMe Cherub's Blush for Cheek and Lip
Vita Liberata Illuminating Skin Finish
Monu Illuminating Primer
Premae Multi Vit Smoothie Serum
Unica Kiss It Better Cream
Dissappointing box

I didn't border writing reviews on them because i haven't used them and frankly don't intend to, although i will give the mememe cherub's blush and monu illuminating primer a try and do a review on them later. I was so excited for this box, with a theme title 'Dark Romance', i was expecting dark autumn colours or bronzed face products, so you can imagine my sad face when i opened the box and found nothing dark about it. The box content is worth around £24 so it's still a very good bargain just that the products inside aren't for me. Am still subscribing so better luck for next month's box. Have a good week everyone and thanks for stopping by bynki.  xoxo bynki

Saturday, 12 October 2013

L.A Colors...Color Craze Review
LA Colors Nail Polish
Hi guys, hope you are all enjoying your weekend, so i got these nail polish from my friend Buchi who is a nail artist, she sent me these polish last week and asked for a review. Because i have used them before, i know they are good, I am very pleased at the quality and pretty content with the retail price at £2, they are thick and creamy and not runny. I usually do two coats to get a good density but one coat can also do the job if you like your nails very light, they also last for about 4-7 days depending on how much work your hands goes through. They come in many lovely colours and the shine is incredible even without a clear top coat, overall the quality of these nail polish are okay for the price and i would say check them out.  xoxo bynki

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Product Alert!

This is my product alert for the month, Khroma beauty. I have done a surface review on them before but because they are very good, i decided to alert you guys again about them, they really deliver and get the job done, they are highly pigmented and rich, the consistency and texture blends beautifully well. I like the fact that the joystick is retractable and that saves me the worry of sharpening, they also have a creamy glossy like finish on the lip. It looks abit cheap because it comes in a plastic tube but for me, it's all about the content inside, the tube cap also secures tightly so no fear of spillage in your bag.
Modern Mauve

This is the swatch for the joystick i have, it's called Modern Mauve and it's a nude colour which is quite similar to Mac's creme'd nude but this one has a bit of peachy tone to it, i use it almost everyday on myself and also on a few brides who don't like colours on their lips.
Intimate Spotlight

This is the intimate spotlight swatch, a rose gold with metallic shimmer. I really like this highlight because it is intense and blends very well. I always use my fingers to apply it and i advice that you apply it first before your set your face with powder, the wear time is around 6 hours and be rest assured that your face will not be clouded with glitter as the colour payoff is very soft. It comes in a small plastic round container, very cheap looking as there are other unique ones out there but that said, it's still a great product and i really like it.  xoxo bynki

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

YSL Forever Youth Liberator Range
YSL Forever Youth Serum £61.00 (30ml) & Cleaning Foam £35.00

This is a skincare product from beauty giant YSL calls the Forever Youth Liberator range and this two above is a combination of the facial serum and the facial cleaning foam to give a youthful look and elasticity, it has a moisturizer and anti-ageing ingredients combined together to defend skin against wrinkles and fine lines. I got this awhile back but only started using it recently and i must say what a fantastic product, it makes my skin very soft and i am super impressed with it's performance.

This is the face serum and it helps clear wrinkles on the face, it's got a clear texture and easily dissappears into skin once you rub it on, it does;nt break out skin or cause irritation because it contains Elycans which naturally unlock cellular in the body helping to liberate skin's youthful potentials. It comes in a sleek glass  bottle with a dropper to allow to apply the number of drops you might need, i normally use 1-2 drops. It's a great serum to have, only down side is the price, it's expensive but it's worth every penny.

This is the cleaning foam that comes in a tube for preping the face to apply the serum above, it's a creamy white texture that lathers up easily into foam, it makes the face cool and you get the feeliing that your face has been squeaky cleanse when you use this product. It's just like a cleanse but in a foamy formula, it does'nt dry the skin like other cleanser do and it smells Amazing. The only con about it is also the price, it's expensive but like i said, it's worth it and you will really enjoy using it. It doesn't cause breakout and gives full radaint to the face whilst also tightening the skin. It comes in a squeezy tube and like i said it smells divine and that's one part i always look forward to as i can't stop sniffing it whenever i open the tube. If you like YSL products and your wallet will be happy to shed out some cash then i approve these two products, stop by their counter to give it a test try and better your skin with the forever youth liberator range.  xoxo bynki

Monday, 7 October 2013

Dupe? Not Yet
Rimmel London Kate 107
Still finding a dupe for riri talkdattalk lipstick, this one by supermodel Kate Moss is pretty close. Looks red in picture but in real looks alot like the riri one, very berry dark plum like, the reason i say dupe, not yet? is because of the texture, it is smooth and creamy unlike talkdattalk that is full matte. Still on the search for it thou because i want a full matte plum. Have a great week everyone!  xoxo bynki

Saturday, 5 October 2013

RiRi Hearts Mac Fall Collection

So i managed to get just these two from the RiRi Mac fall collection because all the other items sold out in 3 mins, i said 3 mins because i was logged on and put the items in my basket and when i got to checkout, it told me sold out, i was so upset i missed out on talk dat talk lippie but thankfully i got this two to cheer me up even though Hibiscus kiss is a relaunch

The packaging is chic and beautiful in rose gold casing and i really like it, it makes it more limited edition and unique unlike the normal black Mac package we are used to. From left to right is the Hibiscus kiss powder blush duo and Who's dat Chic lipstick which so happens to be my favourite out of all the lipsticks.

This lipstick is a golden frost with orange tone and i really like it, it glides on easily and is very smooth, i think am going to enjoy using this lippie cos i like frost lip too, it would suit warm skin women.

Hibiscus kiss is a combination of both bronzer and blush and i really like it too, it gives a matte look and applies very smooth, you can mix both colours together to get a tan look with pretty coral cheek. I like the fact that the blush is alot more unlike the summer collection had a tiny blush side inside the compact but this new one is almost the same size as the bronzer, i tend to use bronzer more than blush so both will last me a long time, two shades for the price of one is a beautiful bargain so this duo is fab. Overall this collection is okay even thougt i missed out on what i really wanted, the good girl gone bad blush, talk dat talk lipstick and the diamond creme, i already have riri woo, just love it and can't get enough of it. Did you get anything from the collection? what are your thoughts?  xoxo bynki

Friday, 4 October 2013

Impress Press-On Manicure
Impress Press On Manicure. £8.99

I recently worked on a bride who wanted a nail colour change the morning of her wedding, i was completely thrown-off guard when she ask if i could help her out? Am a makeup artist and i don't do manicure so i was worried how on earth i was going to give her nails a perfect smudge free manicure especially on her wedding day, what if she did'nt like it? i tryed to persuade her to leave the one she had on, as it was beautiful / done in a salon by nail experts but she said she wanted something Daring.....Oooh bridezilla i thot to myself. Well i quickly thought of press-on mani and dashed out to get this, i got the Impress press-on manicure in Holla, a perfectly shaped, polished and designed press-on nails with no fuss, no chip or drying time. I had her nails done in less than 12 mins.
They Come In Different Designs And Colours

I didn't have to do much, i just wiped her nails clean and matched her nails to get the appropriate sizes, then i peeled off the plastic glue tab underneath the press nails, put it on top her nail bed and then pressed it down and that was it. No mess, no drying time needed, no glue, i was amazed how beautiful and shiney they looked....perfect like real manicure, the bride was happy and so was i. The packaging was cute as well, the nails were packed inside a transparent plastic nail polish shape bottle so you can see what you're buying, the bottle has a black twist cap that opens to reveal the nails and closes tight again to keep the nails full adhesive strenght and also for easy storage.
Perfect Solution For Quick Manicure

This is a must-have at home for an instant emergency manicure, they come in assorted colours and patterns and they secured real tight so no fear of it coming off. They look perfect and flawless and are easy to apply in minutes with no dry time ( love this part the most). Have a great weekend everyone,  xoxo bynki

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Nivea Q10 Review
Nivea Hand Cream. £4.29

We all know Nivea as it's a household name brand and their products always delivers. This is one of their products that i use, It's called Nivea age defying Q10 plus hand cream, i am obssessed with hand creams, i can't do without them and always have one in my purse so i can replenish my hand with moisture whenever i need to. This hand cream makes my skin feel smooth and prevents cracks, it absorbs very well and moisturize even with just one rub, it's also made to protect against early signs of skin ageing. It has a nice perfume scent that i like and the tube is packed beautifully with a cap flip for convenient and hygiene, It's a white and creamy lotion and because i use it on my hands only, it last for months. It's affordable and is available in all drugstores, pharmacy and outlets.