Friday, 18 October 2013

Graftobian HD Color Palette
Lovely Palette

This is the color corrector from makeup brand Graftobian company and i want to share with you guys as it's a pleasure working with this palette, i am very happy with this product and the quality is very good. It contains five colours, provides full outstanding coverage and  feels very light and smooth when applied unto the skin. It doesn't irritate the face although it has moist because it's a cream base, here are the colours and how to use them -
Soft Orange Neutral  - blue neutralizer
Yellow Highlight - cancels deep red and purple
Muted Green - removes redness
Pink Highlight - counteracts grey and brown
Extra Highlight - a light highlight

The use of this palette is versatile especially because of the five colours in one palette and i have it in my kit, and even use it on myself. It's quite similar to cinema secrets and rcma even better. The packaging is quite simple but small enough to fit in my kit, it's a small slim and sturdy palette with see through top, it also comes in individual small pot. This palette will last you a long time because the colours are so pigmented and extremely creamy and a little goes a long way, i would definitely recommend checking this out if you are a makeup artist or an individual, it's convenient and effective and provides great coverage. Have a great weekend,  xoxo bynki

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