Thursday, 10 October 2013

Product Alert!

This is my product alert for the month, Khroma beauty. I have done a surface review on them before but because they are very good, i decided to alert you guys again about them, they really deliver and get the job done, they are highly pigmented and rich, the consistency and texture blends beautifully well. I like the fact that the joystick is retractable and that saves me the worry of sharpening, they also have a creamy glossy like finish on the lip. It looks abit cheap because it comes in a plastic tube but for me, it's all about the content inside, the tube cap also secures tightly so no fear of spillage in your bag.
Modern Mauve

This is the swatch for the joystick i have, it's called Modern Mauve and it's a nude colour which is quite similar to Mac's creme'd nude but this one has a bit of peachy tone to it, i use it almost everyday on myself and also on a few brides who don't like colours on their lips.
Intimate Spotlight

This is the intimate spotlight swatch, a rose gold with metallic shimmer. I really like this highlight because it is intense and blends very well. I always use my fingers to apply it and i advice that you apply it first before your set your face with powder, the wear time is around 6 hours and be rest assured that your face will not be clouded with glitter as the colour payoff is very soft. It comes in a small plastic round container, very cheap looking as there are other unique ones out there but that said, it's still a great product and i really like it.  xoxo bynki

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