Thursday, 31 October 2013

Skincare Clarins Mini Reviews

Hi guys, today am reviewing skincare and Clarins is one of my favourite skincare product out there, the strenght of this brand is broad and amazing with very effective results. They cover every aspects of skincare and makeup, the only problem i have about them are their prices, they are in my opinion over priced because not all the products are beneficial. I tryed out all the products above well over two week and i am confident in giving this honest review about them, so let's go

Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel - This is a very gentle cleanser in gel texture, it helps remove impurities from skin and left my skin feeling soft and fresh, i also used it to remove my makeup at night, a little goes a long way, as soon as i apply it and rub, it turns to foam allowing me to wash my face without normal soap. It smells great too, very fresh.

Multi Active Night - This was a bit hard for me to use as i usually don't have the time to pamper my face at night and more so, this cream is for normal to dry skin . I still went ahead to try it, it's a very smooth cream and is suppose to give a youthful appearance to the skin, i did'nt notice much about it thou, maybe because i wasn't keen on rubbing my face at night, i prefer instead to let my skin feel natural at night and just breathe. The full price for this cream is £42.00 which i think is too pricey, so i advice you pls try out a tester first before you commit to a full size especially because of the high price tag.

Daily Energizer Wake-up Booster - I actually used this one very well because it contained vitamin C (we all know what vitamin C does for the body). It really does what it say, it brightened my face instantly and was so cooling. it was like a liquid moisturizer to me, i used it with cotton pad to gently wipe my face and allowed my skin to drink up the liquid, after 2-3 mins, my skin was fresh and brighter, it also smells AMAZING!.

Daily Energizer Cream - This is suppose to be for all skin type to gain hydration and glow, and should be used after the cleansing gel and wakeup booster. It didn't do that for me, it was too drying for my liking, it made my face look dull like chalk and overly too dry, it also smells kind of like orange zest (funny).

Toning Lotion - This is by far the best of all the rest, it's a lovely soft and gentle toner lotion in liquid to help prep your skin for anything. I like the hydration this toner gave my face, it just made my skin soft, soft, soft. Once applied, it felt like gel when i rubbed it with my fingers and it does'nt contain alcohol which i love, i don't like anything with alcohol because it feels too harsh for the skin. This toner is perfect and made me feel relaxed, it contains marshmallow and sweet almond, both to soften and comfort the skin so you can imagine the smell.....AMAZING TOO!

So my final thought is that they are all good individually, i would'nt suggest using every single one of the them because to me, that's just too many products for one face. Choose one that works with your skin, and if you want it to solve a particular skin acne, buy the product you think will work best for u and always try to get sample first just because of the price, it would'nt make sense to spend all that money on a product and it turns out not working for you. I personally think the wakeup booster and toning lotion worked the best for me, they both lifted my face and brightened at the same time, i will be repurchasing both of them to add to my skincare routine. All the product mentioned are gifts with purchase that i made but they can all be bought in full size versions, Have a blessed day everyone.  xoxo bynki

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