Friday, 4 October 2013

Impress Press-On Manicure
Impress Press On Manicure. £8.99

I recently worked on a bride who wanted a nail colour change the morning of her wedding, i was completely thrown-off guard when she ask if i could help her out? Am a makeup artist and i don't do manicure so i was worried how on earth i was going to give her nails a perfect smudge free manicure especially on her wedding day, what if she did'nt like it? i tryed to persuade her to leave the one she had on, as it was beautiful / done in a salon by nail experts but she said she wanted something Daring.....Oooh bridezilla i thot to myself. Well i quickly thought of press-on mani and dashed out to get this, i got the Impress press-on manicure in Holla, a perfectly shaped, polished and designed press-on nails with no fuss, no chip or drying time. I had her nails done in less than 12 mins.
They Come In Different Designs And Colours

I didn't have to do much, i just wiped her nails clean and matched her nails to get the appropriate sizes, then i peeled off the plastic glue tab underneath the press nails, put it on top her nail bed and then pressed it down and that was it. No mess, no drying time needed, no glue, i was amazed how beautiful and shiney they looked....perfect like real manicure, the bride was happy and so was i. The packaging was cute as well, the nails were packed inside a transparent plastic nail polish shape bottle so you can see what you're buying, the bottle has a black twist cap that opens to reveal the nails and closes tight again to keep the nails full adhesive strenght and also for easy storage.
Perfect Solution For Quick Manicure

This is a must-have at home for an instant emergency manicure, they come in assorted colours and patterns and they secured real tight so no fear of it coming off. They look perfect and flawless and are easy to apply in minutes with no dry time ( love this part the most). Have a great weekend everyone,  xoxo bynki

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