Wednesday, 9 October 2013

YSL Forever Youth Liberator Range
YSL Forever Youth Serum £61.00 (30ml) & Cleaning Foam £35.00

This is a skincare product from beauty giant YSL calls the Forever Youth Liberator range and this two above is a combination of the facial serum and the facial cleaning foam to give a youthful look and elasticity, it has a moisturizer and anti-ageing ingredients combined together to defend skin against wrinkles and fine lines. I got this awhile back but only started using it recently and i must say what a fantastic product, it makes my skin very soft and i am super impressed with it's performance.

This is the face serum and it helps clear wrinkles on the face, it's got a clear texture and easily dissappears into skin once you rub it on, it does;nt break out skin or cause irritation because it contains Elycans which naturally unlock cellular in the body helping to liberate skin's youthful potentials. It comes in a sleek glass  bottle with a dropper to allow to apply the number of drops you might need, i normally use 1-2 drops. It's a great serum to have, only down side is the price, it's expensive but it's worth every penny.

This is the cleaning foam that comes in a tube for preping the face to apply the serum above, it's a creamy white texture that lathers up easily into foam, it makes the face cool and you get the feeliing that your face has been squeaky cleanse when you use this product. It's just like a cleanse but in a foamy formula, it does'nt dry the skin like other cleanser do and it smells Amazing. The only con about it is also the price, it's expensive but like i said, it's worth it and you will really enjoy using it. It doesn't cause breakout and gives full radaint to the face whilst also tightening the skin. It comes in a squeezy tube and like i said it smells divine and that's one part i always look forward to as i can't stop sniffing it whenever i open the tube. If you like YSL products and your wallet will be happy to shed out some cash then i approve these two products, stop by their counter to give it a test try and better your skin with the forever youth liberator range.  xoxo bynki

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