Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Nivea Q10 Review
Nivea Hand Cream. £4.29

We all know Nivea as it's a household name brand and their products always delivers. This is one of their products that i use, It's called Nivea age defying Q10 plus hand cream, i am obssessed with hand creams, i can't do without them and always have one in my purse so i can replenish my hand with moisture whenever i need to. This hand cream makes my skin feel smooth and prevents cracks, it absorbs very well and moisturize even with just one rub, it's also made to protect against early signs of skin ageing. It has a nice perfume scent that i like and the tube is packed beautifully with a cap flip for convenient and hygiene, It's a white and creamy lotion and because i use it on my hands only, it last for months. It's affordable and is available in all drugstores, pharmacy and outlets.

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