Wednesday, 26 February 2014

New Spring Release Collection 2014

This year Chanel has added eight new eyeshadow to their Les Ombre Collection. Each eyeshadows comes in a palette that contains four unique eye colours which represents a coloured tweed thread (Chanel signature fabric). I have two Chanel eyeshadows and i can swear they are amazing and offer everything you would want from an eyeshadow, they would be available here in the UK from March, cant wait!

Next to release their spring collection is Smashbox and this collection is called Santigold Collection, i don't own any smashbox product (very strange) but am really looking forward to receiving some of their product (especially this collection) from a close friend of mine for Review. The name santigold comes from an American artist, songwriter and producer Santi White, she designed this collection and said it will be a limited edition so if you are a smashbox fan, i suggest you snap these up once they get released in April this year. Have a happy mid-week guys and Toodles. xoxo  bynki

Monday, 24 February 2014

Mac Rihanna Viva Glam Lipstick & Lipglass Review

Hello guys, hope you all had a well rested weekend. Today am reviewing the Mac Rihanna Viva Glam Lipstick and Lipglass, its a frost lipstick and very different from what we've seen rihanna put out for Mac in her previous campaign. The packaging is so pretty with a deep red and black colour design and as usual rihanna added her personal touch with her signature stamped on the bullet. Mac describes the lipstick as a frosty blue red but i don't think it's that frosty, only a little shimmer to make the lips look more plump and standout. When applied on the lips, you get a semi opaque finish with slight shimmer.

I am wearing only the Lipstick in this photo above and yes you can wear it alone, it's packed full with glitter and Mac describes it as a cool berry pink with tons of pink shimmer to it. I really like it as its very creamy and doesn't feel sticky or grainy, i lasted well on me for about 2-3 hrs and it didn't move at all.

Next is the Lipstick which i am so excited about, i thought it would be the same colour as RiRi Woo but how wrong was i, both colour and texture are very different and it's such a pretty red shade colour with metallic red flecks in it. Above photo on top right is the lipstick alone and photo under is both lipstick and lipglass together (So HOT). This combo is so gorgeous and well worth it, it has the right amount of frost in it and is totally wearable. It lasted quite a while on me, about 5hrs and when it eventually faded, it left tons of red pretty sparkle on my lips. Mac and Rihanna sure did good on this one and 100% of the proceed goes to support people living with HIV/AIDS, so your money does actually support a great cause. It's available for one year and i will be buying one more just to keep on the side because i really really like it. Wishing you all a fantastic week ahead, Toodles. xoxo  bynki

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Glossybox February 2014 Review

I recieved my Glossybox yesterday and believe you me, they sure made some improvement after loads of disappointing boxes and i must say the design of the box definitely has the loook of love (Valentine) as well as the title 'Be Mine'. This month's content includes pretty, girly, useable, useful goodies and i am most certain that i will be using every single one of them, Let's see what we've got


Ciate London Paint Pot- I love ciate nail polish, they are chic, very feminine and stunningly sophisticated. I am really looking forward to trying it on, most especially as red is my favourite colour, Glossy box did good with this one. It's full size and cost £9.

Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe, Stick It Up Gum- I never really buy toni and guy hair products and the only serum i have from them was from my glossy box last year. I did enjoy using it and still use it to nourish my weave and i will be trying this out as it says it gives a high shine finish and extra volume so we'll see! although am not keen on the 'stick it up gum' title, hopefully it's not gel like texture. Full size £7.20 90ml
Nougat London Sparklinh Body Shimmer- This is a shimmer body lotion to add radiance and glow to the skin. It contains mallow extract, vitamin E and wheatgerm enriched oil to pamper the skin, it smells luxuriously divine and i will be using this for evening outings to give my skin that hint of sparkle. This is a full size and worth £14 for 250ml, very impressive!

Miner Comestics Cocktail Kiss- According the research, this one is favoured by celebs, inspired by the world's best cocktail and has a unique favour to create that perfect pout. This for sure will be handy in my bag so i can top up during the day for extra glossy lip. One size £2.99 for 12ml
Maybelline New York Master Kajal Liner- I am most excited about the liner because i was about getting myself another eye liner and i wanted something really black (blackest black) trust me, this came at the right time. It's my kind of black and glides on smooth, one easy stoke and you have yourself a seductive matte winged eye, i love Maybelline brand especially their eye products and am really excited to try on his master kajal cream stick liner. One size £5.99 for 13g.

Lindt Lindor Treat Bar- Last but certainly not least is this chocolate bar, an extra treat to celebrate valentine and i will be indulging myself with this, it is indeed a perfect little treat any time, any here! thanks glossybox. One size £0.79 (one bar) and £16.59 for 24 bars.

So there you have it, this month's box which i absolutely adore and wish every box will be/continue like this with even more with products like foundation and blushes. The whole content is worth about £32.80 and it's a good thing to know that glossybox actually acknowledged their customers and listen to their views hence this month's box with everything full size, hope they keep improving as that's what we want and pay for! Have a great day and  LoL, xoxo  bynki

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Formula Range Review

Hi guys, hope you all are doing great. I got sent some lovely skincare products and they are from giant skincare brand Neutrogena and this is their visibly clear range, they include a face wash, moisturiser and a spot stress control treatment. This review is very positive as i not only found them effective but have gotten myself a new facial regime.

First is the visibly clear oil-free facial wash, a thick gel texture with bronze orange colour which deeply cleanses the skin and remove any impurities, it literally removed my makeup in seconds with light scrub and left my face feeling fresh and relaxed. It wasn't too drying at all and i only needed 2-3 pumps to wash my entire face (it even removed my mascara and gel eye liner), it is suitable for all skin types which is a bonus and because it's oil free, it will help cleanse the skin from excess oil which produces pimples on the face, it also has a pleasant smell which i loev. The bottle looks good, very simply and has a pump to dispense product onto hand with a light press at the top, but i hate the fact that it's not travel friendly as it will leak at the tip once it's laid flat / packed in your wash bag. I highly recommend this product but please bear in mind it does not completely eliminate acnes, it only reduces them and prevent them from coming back/ recurring.

Next is the visibly clear oil-free moisturiser which in my opinion is perfect for me because i wear makeup practically everyday and this product is such a light moisturiser to help open up the pores and unclogs spots on my face, It's a creamy texture lotion that has menthol to it and i feel the fresh methol for about 5 mins after i apply it on my face. The smell is fresh and it melts into skin immediately, i really like this one and recommend it too, you can even use it under your makeup to keep it fresh all day.

Last but certainly not least is the visibly clear spot stress control moisturiser, i really like the name of this one because for all we know, we get spots on our faces due to stress and this ultra - light treatment cream with its Microclear technology is made to deeply penetrate into skin and help clear away spots, it feels so cool and smooth once absords on skin and i noticed how easy and smooth it glides onto skin and within seconds it dries up leaving skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. It's not just a spot remover, it's also a stress reliever because you instantly feel calm along with a lovely fresh smell of green tea and cucumber extracts. All three products are great and are carefully developed with dermatologists which is why i highly recommend them to everyone and they are well priced and suit every skin type, one bottle/tube can last you a long time and you know you are getting value for money because the formulas are excellent and effective. Toodles and LoL,  bynki

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Mac A Fantasy Of Flowers Collection Spring 2014

Mac released pictures for their Spring 2014 collection and it's called Mac A Fantasy Of Flowers.

It's filled with bright colours and the collection has alot to offer as we'll be seeing new pigments, fluidlines, blushes, msf, eyeshadows, mascara, brushes and nail polishes along side lipsticks with lovely pink and purple shades.

It's already been launched in the US and will be made available to the UK and other international Mac locations by March 2014. Anything you like? This collection is packed with all the basics you will need for Spring/Summer and because the shades are so lovely it's going to be hard to resist not picking up two or three items from the entire collection. Am saving already, are you??? Toodles and LoL,  bynki

Nars Turkish Delight Gloss Review

Hello my lovely readers, today am reviewing an old time favourite of mine, a lip gloss Nars 'Turkish Delight'. I have been using it for well over a year now but it only recently crossed my mind that i haven't reviewed it yet and that's because i'm actually not a lip gloss person at all thou i have a few. Let's start with the packaging - It comes in a typical lip gloss style long tube with a wand to apply the gloss, it's plain and simple and the tube is transparent allowing you to see the gloss itself, A very girly gorgeous shade with wearable pay-off.

Nars describes it as a pink sorbet colour but i say it's more like a soft baby pink with milky beige tone once applied onto lips, the formula is very creamy and pigmented that you can even wear it alone without lipstick. It looks thick but it's very lightweight when on the lips and i can tell you this gloss last a very long time, about 4-5 hours before it starts to fade. Another reason why i love this gloss is because of how moisturizing it is and the texture just can't be beaten! Nars lip glosses are by far the creamiest gloss i have ever used, that said they smell awful, the scent isn't pretty at all and like all lip gloss, it can look streaky with lines and patches if you don't prep your lip before hand. I mostly wear this gloss during summer as it creates that perfect pout for daytime or evening look, i think it's quite pricey for everyday wear as you can easily get a cheaper lip gloss that gives you a similar look But if you can afford it, get it as you wouldn't be dissappointed. This gloss remains one of my Favourite! Stay blessed everyone and Toodles. xoxo  bynki

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Review

Hi guys, today am reviewing the Anastasia Beverly Hill DipBrow Pomade in Chocolate and this is a very positive review. Anastasia beverly hill is a well known brand and she is very famous amongst celebrities and known as the queen of brows. I was particularly drawn to this product because i have heard many good things about it being smudge proof and water proof. I decided to try this dipbrow pomade myself as i already have the brow wiz pencil in soft brown, i wanted to compare both.

We all know having a perfect brow is very essential to one's face and brow brings out the shape of the face. This dipbrow pomade is a miracle and i think i actaully prefer it to my brow wiz pencil in soft brown also from Anastasia ( i love my brow wiz still and my shade soft brown is everything)

It's a gel texture pomade with the same consistency of a cream eyeliner, very creamy and a little goes a long way, just one dip on my angled brow brush is enough to fill both my brows leaving me with a very natural look and it drys in like 5 seconds, it's so easy to apply and it blends effortlessly on the skin. What stands out the most is the lasting power of the product, it will last you from the minute you apply it till when you decide to take it off at night and you might even need a makeup remover to do so. It doesn't smell and it's not sticky either and it's perfect for any brow (full or scantly) and any weather.

Be rest assured this pomade would fade out during the day as it's very pigmented therefore perfect for every skin types from dry to very oily.  It comes in 5 gorgeous shades - Blonde, Ebony, Auburn, Chocolate, Dark Brown. The packaging is very pretty, sturdy and of high quality, it looks just like Mac paint pots. I really like this product as it can take you from natural look to a more dramatic look all depending on how much you apply. I highly recommend it if you'll looking for good quality brow product as you wouldn't be dissappointed, Enjoy the rest of you day and Toodles. xoxo  bynki

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Origins Super Spot Remover Review

Hello my wonderful readers, today am reviewing this blemish treatment gel called Origins Super Spot Remover. I have quite a lot of blemishes right now and it's freaking me out they are refusing to go, so i got this gel to help clear my face. Firstly the product promises to correct visible blemishes and help skin eliminate excess oils and pore clogging, it has skin calming caffeine and red algan to help relieve redness, the buzz surrounding this product is very positive so i thought to give it a try because i couldn't resist hoping it will clear my face but sadly it didn't do much (had high expectations). I was sad and confused at the same time because the product contained Salicylic acid which is a key and powerful ingredient to help fight spot.

It comes in a pint sized plastic bottle and has a clear gel texture with very strong smell, i used it twice a day on clean skin (avoiding the eye area) and immediately i could feel it sting and that told me it was working. You only need apply a tiny amount because it's very drying and too much drying can flake the skin, i didn't have an issue with the drying because i have oily skin. I was surprised at how small the bottle is as the price is pretty high £14 but i can guarantee it will last a long time. It's definitely not a holy grail product for me but i can firmly say it did reduce the size of my larger breakouts and also the redness making my face feel calm but all the spot remained. That said i will NOT be buying this product again simple because it didn't do what i expected of it. Rightnow i'm just going to stick with my normal facial routine because i know these blemishes were as a result of testing and using different foundations/products on my face so i feel like if i let my face relax, it will all dissappear hopefully. I wish you all a happy weekend, Toodles. xoxo  bynki