Saturday, 1 February 2014

Origins Super Spot Remover Review

Hello my wonderful readers, today am reviewing this blemish treatment gel called Origins Super Spot Remover. I have quite a lot of blemishes right now and it's freaking me out they are refusing to go, so i got this gel to help clear my face. Firstly the product promises to correct visible blemishes and help skin eliminate excess oils and pore clogging, it has skin calming caffeine and red algan to help relieve redness, the buzz surrounding this product is very positive so i thought to give it a try because i couldn't resist hoping it will clear my face but sadly it didn't do much (had high expectations). I was sad and confused at the same time because the product contained Salicylic acid which is a key and powerful ingredient to help fight spot.

It comes in a pint sized plastic bottle and has a clear gel texture with very strong smell, i used it twice a day on clean skin (avoiding the eye area) and immediately i could feel it sting and that told me it was working. You only need apply a tiny amount because it's very drying and too much drying can flake the skin, i didn't have an issue with the drying because i have oily skin. I was surprised at how small the bottle is as the price is pretty high £14 but i can guarantee it will last a long time. It's definitely not a holy grail product for me but i can firmly say it did reduce the size of my larger breakouts and also the redness making my face feel calm but all the spot remained. That said i will NOT be buying this product again simple because it didn't do what i expected of it. Rightnow i'm just going to stick with my normal facial routine because i know these blemishes were as a result of testing and using different foundations/products on my face so i feel like if i let my face relax, it will all dissappear hopefully. I wish you all a happy weekend, Toodles. xoxo  bynki

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