Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Touche Eclat Foundation

Touche Éclat by YSL

That was the gift pack I received when I attended the just concluded YSL event, it contains their body products (lotion and cleanser), which I haven’t tried yet but have heard great reviews about even from people who attended the event. I decided to purchase the touché éclat foundation as it has actually being on my wish list for a while now and here’s my little opinion about it. The lipsticks, pencil and pen, I have had almost a year now.  Am that kind of girl that’s willing to spend any amount of money for a foundation if the foundation is worth it because I believe Foundation is the one makeup product that’s the base to a flawless face. I think this foundation is really beautiful. It does a spot-on job at illuminating your skin and looks absolutely beautiful, the best illuminating foundation I've ever tried. The formula does feel very weightless and light on your skin, making it feel like your skin and it looks very natural.

Touche Éclat foundation. £29.00

It only has average staying power on me, even with a setting product. I do have oily skin, so that could have something to do with the staying power, I don’t know for sure yet. The only Con I have about this product is the light to medium coverage, I just wish the coverage level was greater. Regardless, I am loving this foundation and its one I'm keeping and I'd recommend!


  1. Hello dear
    Im hoping to buy Tient Touche Éclat online. If you can tell me what shade you wear in this foundation that would help because I wear the same shade as you in Estee Lauder DW (3W1).

    Also, is this foundation yellow based? I find 3W1 is not yellow enough for me.

  2. Hello @Arwa, sorry for the late reply, i wear B60 in touche eclat and 3W1 tawny in estee laude, both of them dont have enough yellow in them and leans more towards beige but still works well for me as they were the closest colour i could get in the shade range, i just powder with a more yellow based powder to compliment.