Sunday, 23 June 2013

I finally have Rihanna ririr woo!

RiRi hearts Mac summer collection

RiRi woo lipstick, Barbados Lustre drop

So my RiRi summer collection purchase came in yesterday and I was super excited to try everything I got. The riri woo lipstick is the new twist on the original core collection colour, Ruby Woo!  Rihanna was apparently a huge fan of the colour and I can say it will match quite a lot of skin tones. I think the biggest difference between Ruby Woo and RiRi Woo is that the latter has more blue undertones that give the impression of whiter teeth (bonus). The colour of this lipstick is lovely and I really do like it. The Longevity of it isn't quite there as it didn't last anywhere near as long a Russian Red would. It came off very easily while eating (unlike Russian red that does NOT move!) and I had to top it up after, every time I ate. I also find the texture a bit difficult to work with as it seems very hard and doesn't blend as easily as my other Mac lipsticks. It is a Retro Matte finish so maybe that explains the different texture to the regular matte mac shades. Overall, even with the few little niggles about longevity and texture, I'm really glad i gave into the hype and bought this lipstick. The colour payoff really does out weight any negatives about the product. The collection will be back again online and in store this time in Fall 2013 and hopefully everyone can get something to buy. The Barbados lustre drop is absolutely lovely and it gives that bronzen goddess look. However I do hope MAC will produce a lot more RiRi collections in her next fall collection so it doesn't sell out as quickly AGAIN in 11 minutes! seriously 11 minutes

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