Monday, 24 June 2013

MUA Haul & reviews

Blushes £1, glitter eyeliner £1, Kiss proof £3, Eye pencil £1

Hi Guys hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I had a Fab weekend, attended a party and got to see my cousins whom I hadn't seen in like 7years, it was Amazing! Today am going to be talking about Comestic Brand MUA and how £16 got me these many products, can u believe it???. For me MUA has a strong budget shadow formula. The texture of their product are beautiful for such a small price tag and pigmentation is excellent with a rich colour pay off so what you see in the pan translates well to your desired use. This makeup company products are lovely, seriously what’s not to love about them, they are Super Duper CHEAP. Overall  If you’re looking for a good way to get in on some inexpensive makeup products, MUA definitely has solid offerings and I would definitely recommend them, as you will be getting even better value for money.
The shadows are most comparable to the creaminess you’d get from a Stila Eyeshadow. The texture is a cross between a powder and a cream with a velvety, buttery texture that applies and blends like a dream. They do have some bad fall out so I typically rely on sponge tipped applicators to apply them as it helps minimizes fall out for me. This undress me palette is a dupe for urban decay naked palette, no difference what so ever

The blush surprisingly touched me as the pigmentation of this blush is really good, one swipe was all I needed for my face and more than enough for both cheeks. The formula is soft and the blush wears really well on primed skin around 8 hours and un-primed 5 hours before any signs of wear appears

Undress me palette £4, Lip boom £3

The glitter eyeliner is just brilliant. The colours are amazing and it’s so easy to use as it glides on and you can easily apply more layers to get the desired effect you need. It removes easily with any makeup remover and how can you not like this product when it’s only £1.
The lip kiss proof is nice also. The packaging is really cute and because it’s pink, I thought it would look more natural on the lips so I got this one. It looks between natural and hot pink depending on how i apply it. The tip is like that of a sketch pen and it is easy to use, But can dry out very quickly and last about 3-4 hours.

The eye pencil in blue is also nice, I would recommend it to people who are on a budget or who want to expand their liner collection to include bright colours that won't be used too frequently. If however, you are looking for liners that will last all day without smudging, then these aren't for you as they do smudge quite easily and fast too.

The lip boom 4 in 1 lipstick, this formula is a little bit lacking for me but the concept actually works. I think to get the most out of the product all you need is to add a foundation to set, this actually makes an even better coverage and makes the complete look come together and really POP! They are worth looking into as they contain Lipstick, Enhancer, High lighter and Gloss together and I must admit the gloss shade really makes it super wearable. It has a bit of dryness to it, glitter effect not so good but the finished effect may just be worth suffering through some of those issues.
The Nivea anti- perspirant is my Favourite for underarm and I love the fact that it contains pearl extracts in them. It’s a full 48 hours protection care and it doesn’t stain your dress and apply evenly, I LOVE IT especially these tube ones!

l love my lash applicator as it makes fixing my false lashes easy and more fun to apply without my hands shaking and dancing Azonto....Hah Hah Hah

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