Sunday, 30 June 2013

Quick daily fix

Hey guys, how's everybody doing? hope you're all having a Fab Sunday. I just had the most delicious yummy lunch ever and now just lounging in the sun. So enough of me, lets talk makeup! I notice we ladies normally make one mistake or the other when we apply our makeups, especially when we're in a hurry. We tend to just grab whatever we lay our hands on, apply it quickly on our faces and hit the door. I decided to come up with these quick makeup fixes you can do to prevent the most common makeup mistakes you normally encounter in your daily makeup routine!

1. Always apply your mascara to the root of the lashes and not the tips! It makes it look more natural and longer
2. Don’t use too much blush, apply just one sweep on your blush brush and spread above you cheekbone, then use a stippling brush to blend out especially if you’ve made a mistake of putting too much on your face. Also use loose powder to soften it or apply a little foundation to blend over.
3. When you get too much Mascara Smudges on your lashes, don’t wipe off immediately! Let it dry first and It will rub off easily! Trust me!!!!

4. Always use a primer to avoid your Lipstick Smearing! MAC do them, MUFE do them, Drugstores do them, get yourself one, They are great. Another way is to use an eye primer or foundation to create a line below the lips to create a barrier and help your lipstick from slipping beyond your lips!

5. Always apply all your Eyeshadows and correct your mistake before you clean up. Also wipe with a soft wet wipe from you under eye towards the angle of your eyes to even help define your look and make it edgy.

Have a great week ahead, Toodlers!


  1. Thks tips for my beautiful readers