Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Favourite lipgloss

Mac, Maybelline, Mary Kay, Bourjise
Urban Decay, Revlon, Mua.
Hi guys, how are you all doing? it feels so good to be back, My little princess party was a success and i want to use this blog as a medium to say a very big thank you to everyone that came to celebrate with us, God bless you all. From the pictures above are my little collection of lipgloss, i dont wear much gloss and that's why i have this few. They are my everyday, outing, evening glosses that i use when i want minimal shine on my lips and as you can notice i like them pale pink and nude in colour. I use the Mary Kay pink diamond and Urban Decay pinkie alot more than the others as i love the pearly little glitters in it. All my lipgloss are feel thick in consistency but not sticky when applied on my lips, they also keep my lips hydrated and impart some mositure as well. Lipgloss can be build just like lipstick, the more coats you apply, the better the pigments so you can build your gloss to your liking. Lipgloss is especially good when you dont feel like wearing lipstick, you can apply it on its own and when you wear lipstick, you can apply it on top of your lipstick. There are different lipglosses out there,  what is your Favourite???  Toodles

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