Monday, 5 August 2013

Mac Prep+Prime EYE

Mac prep+prime Eye. #12.50
This is Mac prep and prime eyeshadow primer, its a creamy light primer to help prime your lid so that eyeshadows can last longer. However i did notice that whenever i wear this primer, my eyeshadow look even worse, dry and flaky. This is practically the worse eyeshadow primer there is out there, even blending was a nightmare with this primer. i know alot of people would be like what MAC??? yes the fact that it's Mac doesnt mean it would work magic like some other Mac products, this one is just a complete NO NO. It does nothing and will even grease your shadows. Thankfully i have other primer that i use like the Benefit primer which is wonderful and does the job of giving my eyeshadows more pigment and making it last longer. You can see from the pot in the picture that i have barely used it, i just dumped it in the bottom of my makeup rack. It appears to be even shiny when you apply it and the lasting power is zero. It comes in a cute round small pot thou and is very handy but unfortunately it doesnt do its job. This primer is by far the worse Mac product i have ever used and i am sorry i will not be repurchasing it again. What is your favourite eyeshadow primer??? Please fill me in. I hear UD primer is very good and i have it in my wishlist. Do have a wonderful week ahead and i hope i can get back to posting ASAP. Toodlers!

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