Thursday, 8 August 2013

Eye Makeup Remover

L'oreal Eye makeup Remover. £3.99 Boots

This is my at the moment eye makeup remover, Loreal eye. Its a cool turquoise blue water liquid that instantly removes my eyeshadows, water proof mascara and gel liners. I find that this remover does exactly the same thing as other high end expensive ones and i wonder to myself why we sometimes spend money for brand names knowing fully well that we are been ripped off. This remover is so true to what it says, it's so cool that it does'nt irriate my eyes rather it gives me this refreshing feeling. It has no oil in, therefire it is perfect for oily skin, this remover works so fast that i only have to wipe twice with a cotton wool to clear my entire lid. It comes in a little tansparent bottle with white cap and you can see bubbles when you shake or turn the bottle upside down. the packaging is also great for travelling as it's quite handy. The best part is the price, it cost only £3.99 and you can find it in Boots. I've been super busy putting finishing touches for my Daughter's Birthday party which is in a few days, i am so excited to see all my efforts play out finally. I have really payed attention to details as i want a Chic fairy themed party for her (will post pictures). I am praying and hoping the weather turns out great (fingers crossed), For some strange reasons i noticed that Mothers always go the extra mile when planning birthdays for Girls than Boys, why is that so???  because personally i did find it less stressful when i did my Son's birthday party so i can say its true, what do you think?  Do have a great day everyone. TOODLERS

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