Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Mac Pro Longwear Foundation

Mac pro longwear foundation. £26

Mac foundations are probably the most popular foundation in the world today (althou not for everybody as it causes breakout for some people) and i am going to be doing a review on Mac liquid foundation. I personally prefer to use the pro longwear one because i like it more, the studio fix one is equally good as well, they are practically the same thing with very little difference. I like to use this foundation because it has no smell, i don't really like foundation with smell, scent etc. it gives a semi matte finish to the face after application therefore not a good choice for oily skin like me but i still use it because i like that it suits my skintone more, it's very easy to blend but takes longer to set and it drys out so quick that i have to be very fast in applying it or else the unblended side ends up looking cakey. The coverage is medium to mid-full  so if you like full coverage, i would suggest you get the studio fix one instead. For me it last all day but after 7-6 hours, i get oily on my t zone which is not a good thing but i now use a setting spray which keeps shine at bay. It photographs pretty well but studio fix photograhps better, the bottle comes with a pump but gets messy after every use especially frequent use like mine. When i purchase foundations, i look out for four things which are coverage, colour, lasting power and price and this foundation ticked the box for me. It is also very light and smooth and has an SPF10 in it, i would have liked a higher SPF in it but it's okay for me as i don't have acnes on my face and don't really stay in the sun for long so it's perfect. Studio fix has a higher one with SPF15, the shade range is okay with 16 colours to choose from whereas the studio fix has a shade range of about 26 colours offering you more options. In conclusion i love both foundation as they both provide amazing result but i prefer this one as it works well on my skin. Always make sure you find what works best for you before you buy and don't buy because your friend or someone you know bought, it might not just work or suit you like your friend. I really want to try out the face and body as well ( so many raves about it), has anyone tryed it out? Hit me on email or comment.  Toodlers

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