Monday, 19 August 2013

Max Factor Flame Red Lipstick

Max Factor's Flame Lipstick. £6.99

Hi guys and welcome to a new week, i hope u all had a well rested weekend. Today am talking about Hot red Lipstick, YEAH red lips is the latest trend in the beauty world and every woman wants to have one. Mac obviously is in the top contender list for delivering the best red lipstick but the price is not suited to everyone's pocket so i am going to be doing a review on some other brand's red hot lipsticks that you can pick up for under £10 bargain. Above is one my favourite, Max Factor lipstick in Flame red, i absolutely love this lipstick, with a purchase price of £6.99, this is a must buy. The intensity of the lipstick is insane and it is matte which is what ladies are wanting now in lipsticks. I love to wear this lipstick more often because it does'nt bleed and the shade is super nice too, a deep red, almost with warm tone on application. I love this lipstick for both day and night look, it fits perfectly into my bag and the lasting power is about 8-10 hours without too much eating and drinking. It feels very moisturising on my lips and i feel like am wearing a very pigmented lipbalm which is a good thing because when the lipstick finally fades off, i still get the stain on my lips. I dont apply lipgloss on top because i just love the retro old glam hollywood feel matte lipstick gives but you can add lipgloss if you want a little shine but bear in mind, it might bleed a little if you do. I love the Max Factor beauty range, they have alot of items you can pick up for reasonable prices and the best part is that they are of very high quality with good pigmentation and very dependable too, especially with their lipsticks, what you see in the tube is what you get on your lips with Max Factor. I am looking forward to buying more from their counter and gleaming coral is on my wishlist, another good red is Rimmel's kate kiss of life lipstick for £5.99. What is your Favourite red lipstick? pls leave your comments. Much love bynki

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