Thursday, 29 August 2013

Mac Lip Tubes

Mac Lippy

Mac lipgelle is a lip gloss in a tube and it's very juicy, this tube definately magnets luscious lips on me when i use it. The fact that it's in a tube makes it super easy to use and it suits all ages, i use them simply as a gloss or as a glossy finish over my lipstick. They last long too and even after wear, i still feel the gloss on my lips without the colour (sort of like a lip balm), the texture is rich and smooth and has a gel like feel to it without been sticky. Am not very pleased with the colour because it's not very sharp, less pigmentation because when i use it, it's abit transparent with very little colour showing on my lips. Overall great handy formula and pratical too. Althou now discontinued, the new replacement for it is called mineralized tinted lip balm and is £17.00 while the clear colour remains same at £14.00. Indulge yourself with one or two tubes, it's definately worth having. Thank you for all your emails and pls keep them coming if you have any questions.  xoxo bynki

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