Friday, 23 August 2013

Mac prep+prime Lip

Mac Prep+Prime. £12.50

My lovely prep and prime is the best thing since sliced bread to happen to my lips, i adore this primer and use it every single day for work and myself. It moisturizes my lips and keeps them chap free, it's a perfect base for my lipstick (like canvas) as it makes my lipstick glide on smoothly with ease and elongates the wear of my lipsticks. It's one beauty product i truly recommend as it has many benefits to the lip. No more dry flaky lips and wave goodbye to bleeding when you use this product. The packaging is sleek and slim and can fit into any bag even the smallest, thininest bag, the content is a white buttery vaselin like substance and you can twist the tube like lipstick for easy application. The price is quite high as Mac tends to be, however it would last you a really long time, I love this primer and 5/5 recommend. Enjoy  xoxo bynki

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