Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bronzers I Love

Bronzers gives you a glow ladies

We all need a pot of bronzer in our makeup collection especially during the summertime as they make us look like golden goddesses. Bronzers comes in three types  Liquid, Cream and Powder. Here’s how to apply them bynki style starting with a light hand movement and build gradually
Liquid: Mix a drop of product with tinted moisturizer/ foundation for an overall glow

Cream/gel: Dab the product unto areas where the sun would normally hit you, ie cheeks, forehead, chin

Powder: dig a big puffy brush into the product, tap off excess. Brush above brow bone, under cheek bone and under jaw line, tracing a 3 on each side.  Blend well.

If you apply too much, blot the area with Kleenex tissue or apply loose powder on top to tone it down. I use the following bronzers for myself and my clients Dior sunset which i have already done a review on, Cover girl bronze, Mac skin finish in Medium which i absoultely love and this one above Rimmel natural which gives a very natural glow. Without bronzer on me, my face looks blank and dull but these bad boys pop my face with just one sweep of bronzer and my face comes alive, cant do without them. There are different brands, shades and types of bronzers out there, always remember to pick up shades that are two tones darker than your skintone and consider the price as well,  you don't want to buy something too expensive or too cheap without giving you the desired result at the end. Meanwhile i am trying to organise my makeup table as it's over flowing with so many makeup products and my organising display box can't fit them anymore as it's too full, i intend to get a bigger drawer now that i'm fully into beauty blogging (with more clients as well), and be able to store them nicely and neatly. I will do an update as soon as it's done. I'm yet to get a new computer so please bear with me, all my recent post are taken from my draft archives (thankfully i have over 30 unposted topics ) because i can't micro word on this desk top that i'm using now (strange right?), i can't even transfar pics from my camera, it's very annoying but fingers crossed i hope it's all sorted soonest. A big thank you to everyone who takes time out to view my blog, introduce friends, send me emails and comment on post, i really apprecaite you guys for driving my vision this far, please continue to support me and subscribe to my blog. Alot of you are asking me to start doing youtube videos, i am seriously thinking about it ( it requires alot of time) and with two young toddlers running around, it's something i need to figure out because i would really love to do it as i have some very talented beauty gurus that i look up to on youtube. Speaking of youtube, i will do a post on youtube gurus that i admire and learn from so you too can check them out and subscribe to them. Thanks guys and do have a great day!  xoxo bynki

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