Friday, 16 August 2013

Tightline Your Gorgeous Eyes!

Use a Good Eyeliner Gel and Flat Eyeliner Brush to get this look....bynki

This is a new technique i just discovered on how to tightline your eyes to make them appear Bigger, Fuller and Brighter, who does'nt want that for their eyes? Well it's very simple and esay to do, all you need to do is line your lashline, emphasize your eyes very well to give the illusion of voluminous lashes, that's all. This trend is well used amongst popular make up artists and with the proper tools, you too can incoporate tightlining into your makeup routine just like me! To start i always apply liner after i’ve put on my eyeshadows, i then spray some Mac fix+ (you can use water if you dont have fix+) on the cake liner, and dip a flat liner brush onto my gel liner, flat liner brush is always best to apply and achieve smooth straight line because you want the consistency of the liner to be thick and not too runny. Begin by closing your eye to be lined and slightly pull the corner of it, immediately dab the flat liner onto your lashline and the empty space right between your lashes to tightline, repeat the process along the entire lash line until your entire top lid is lined then let it dry for a few seconds, And voila! Take a look at those beautiful tighlined eyes of yours! Have a Fab weekend everyone,  xoxo bynki

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