Friday, 13 September 2013

Urban Decay Setting Spray
Urban Decay Setting Spray. £19.50

Urban Decay chill all nighter setting spray, this face setting spray keep makeup in place without shifting and almost every makeup artist has it. It's suitable to all skin types and i usually used it after finishing the entire face makeup, i spray it in an X formation so that every corner of the face is covered. Althou this spray is very good, i don't really like the dewy finish it gives because i have oily skin and dewy finished face doesn't really work for me, but that said it is perfect when i use it on brides and on dry skin face. It does'nt slip at all and keeps makeup fresh all day seriously. It comes in a white plastic bottle with purple cap, inside the purple cab is a smaller transparent cap that covers the spray nozzle which also works very well. I advice not to spray too much, a little does the job. I also like the fact that the smell is very soft and the bottle is travel safe and it can last you awhile if you use it well. It's a must have in my kit and i really like it. Has anyone tried it? share your thoughts. Have a great weekend everyone.  xoxo bynki

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