Monday, 16 September 2013

Rimmel's Little Wonder!
Rimmel Pro Primer. £6.99

Hi guys i hope you all had a well rested weekend. Today's review is on one of the most affordable primer i know, Rimmel fix & perfect primer. Using a primer is very essential when doing my makeup because primers are like coating before paintaing, they deliver a smooth, even  and perfect surface for makeup especially foundation to glide on. I always apply primer on clients after moisturizing so their face can be smooth and any uneven area of their face is covered and concealed perfectly. Primers also ensures your makeup stays put for longer and this 5 in 1 primer from rimmel is a very good bargain, it's very lightweight and has a matte finish to it. I have other expensive ones but being expensive or high end doesn't mean there are no good cheap ones so it's a good thing when i get to try out new and pocket friendly product. This primer is fair enough and i really like it, it doesn't make face shiny and it is very good for oily skin, this tube is a basic white tube with a blue twist cap and the primer itself has a little bit of fragrance to it and a milky texture which does'nt run. Hollywood star Zooey Deschanel uses this primer and it pays off well for her. This primer is not the very best But it works, a good primer should be able to prep your face and this does just that so i recommend it as it's a fantastic value. Have a good week everyone.  xoxo bynki

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