Monday, 9 September 2013

Ben Nye Review
Ben Nye Banana Powder

If you haven't heard about ben nye powder, this is it, every makeup artist must have powder. This powder is so good the raves about it is insane, kim k also raise a great awareness for it when her makeup artist used it to highlight her face and she posted it on her blog. It's actually a theaterical makeup but this face powder has become so popular, it's only fair i do my own review on it as there are thousands and thousands of reviews out there. It comes in a plastic bottle with black cap and has an inner shaker cap inside and the inner cap has little filter holes in them, i usually just shake a bit into my palms and then dab with my powder brush. This powder is so fine and smooth and totally works for me as it keep my face super matte being that i'm oily. It's great for all skin types as well, i also use it as an all rounder especially on clients, to matte their faces, to highlight, to brighten and also to set foundation and concealer. I don't use too much as a little goes a long way, applying too much will just look cakey. It blends very well and is long lasting and keeps shine away from my T zone, it really is a good powder with different shades and works amazingly well. The only con is the availability, it's so hard to find and always out of stock, i wish it was easily available otherwise i highly recommend.  xoxo bynki


  1. Nki, how much is it nd where can I get it from?

  2. @Ify it's really hard to get lately and i did inquire from where i got mine but its already out of stock, i will email you once they get stock back as they promised to let me know when it arrived. Much luv!