Thursday, 26 September 2013

This Month's Favourite!
I am excited about these products and that's why they are my september favourite, i have been using them every single day because they complete my daily look. When am rushing out in the mornings or when i have client work, i usually don't wear foundation, i just apply concealer under my eyes and  powder my face and prep with the products inset and am set to go. The Channel eyeshadow is one of the best eyeshadow out there, i use it to get a very natural look, it's perfect (simple and short) but quite expensive. The Hd brow blush honestly is also one of the best blush i have used, it's finely milled and the pink muddy colour is amazing, it looks just like Mac's sunbasque blush and gives me a bronzed cheek. I am also loving my Ysl Opium, It's a mature zest citrus perfume that gives me the dare to wear edgy feeling, it smells intense kinda like sandalwood and i find that lovely to wear, i also like the champagne colour of the bottle and that's why i've been wearing it every single day this month. The maybelline sculpting brow is simply worth it, am happy i have this product, it perfectly strokes up my brow and the colour gel covers every hair, i use it on myself and on clients. The Elf illuminator is a delight to have, this is a stable in my kit and the best part is that it's £1.50. It gives the most amazing glow and can be used for a variety of things, i use this to highlight my cupid bow. All this products have given me and my clients a wonderful september
Making Me Feel Beautiful

A big thank you to everyone who views my blog and continue to visit, you all are awesome and i really apprecaite you!  xoxo bynki

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