Thursday, 19 September 2013

I Call Them My Weapons...
My Brushes from Mac to Gosh to Elf

Yes, my brushes are my weapons that i used when i work and i am more than happy with the ones that i possess, brushes gives me the ability to create flawless finish with ease and that gives me joy. I use my brushes on pratically anything from liquid to cream to powder to eyes, lips, nose everything. There are different kinds of brushes for different purposes and i will do a post on that soon, you don't need loads of brushes (except you are a makeup artist) otherwise just the basic essentials is okay for any beauty lover/everyday girl to have. I try as much as possible to test brushes before i buy just to know how well they perform, from absorbing more product and applying less which i dont like, the softness of the bristles material and the washability. How brushes are used are completely up to you, everyone has their method, so i advice you stick to whichever way works best for you because there are no set rules on how to use brushes, i have my own techniques in the way i use my brushes. I always tell people to buy brushes that suit their wallet or what they can afford, don't go for names and hypes because i can assure you, there are really cheap good ones around that perform as good as expensive ones. Do you have any challenges in getting the right brush?? Let me know, i could offer my little insight to help you.  xoxo bynki


  1. Hi are drugstore brushes any good? Pls give tips as not everyone can afford expensive ones, I just want d basis

  2. Hello bynki, how good are the elf brushes? I got one that I completely hated

  3. drugstore brushes are very good, you can try RT brush, great price n top quality. Elf brushes are not bad at all, i have a few and they deliver, i really like the fact that they are super affordable and withing reach. Both are bynki recommended!