Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Quickfix 4 Way Nail Buffer

4 Way Block. Boots £2.00

I can't do without this nail buffer, it is cleverly made of a 4way buffer block with different texture on each side all for different use, this is a holy grail for my nails because i dont have the time for proper manicure. This buffer does everything from filing nail edges, to smoothening nails, to removing ridges and shining nails, all natural. It effortlessly lets me shape my nails providing smooth edge and buff them ready to finish off with polish for a gleaming finish, i absolutely love this buffet and before i use it, i apply curticle oil on my nails to help soften the rough edges so they clear off easily. This 4 way buffet also saves me the stress of having individual nail fail, ridges remover and also giving me professional results in no time which for me is the most exciting part. I have also noticed that since i started using this block, my nails dramatically grow longer ( i have very weak nails and they break alot). It's very easy to use and very gentle on your nails and hand. As much as i like this product, i dont buff all the time as it can weaken my already weak nails and take off too many layers from it. I buff once in a month and polish once a week. Overall i am very happy with this buffer, it gives me an instance professional manicure at the comfort of my home. I would greatly recommend it to anyone suffering from yellow and unhealthy nails.  xoxo bynki

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