Saturday, 28 September 2013

Fall/Autumn Makeup Trend
Bynki Put Together Look For Autumn, Easy & Breezy

New trends for makeup come up every season and alas changes almost every beauty addict especially me! The ongoing fashion week around the world has greatly influenced makeup and these are my pick from what i noticed on the runway. I have already started incorporating them into my beauty routine and you too can try them out as well, they don't need to be the exact same thing but you can pick a few of what you like most and experiment your creativity, use inexpensive products or what you have at home and enjoy the autumn season.

BEJEWELED NAILS-  Nail arts are so cool right now and everyone including all the models in fashion week were seen rocking this trend. They come in different shapes and sizes, you can either have your nails blinged out in your nail salon or you can buy the already made stick on ones and just stick it on your fingers( very easy and saves you time). They are affordable and you can coat them with clear nail polish, find them in Boots and any beauty counter.

CORAL  EYESHADOW- This is a very cool colour of eyeshadow and i love it, coral shade have this very downtone look to it and always looks very chic and warm, try blending into any colour and it will still pop. Incorporate this in your look either with coral eyeshadows or coral blush, any will be just fine.

BRONZE LOOK- Everyone is still bronzing and there were loads of bronzed faces on the runway. Forget the sun, you can still get your face bronzed out, just don't apply too much and the technique for this season is using only bronzer and don't apply blush. Just the tiny hit of contour is enough and enjoy flawless matte face.

GUCCI PERFUME- My God i love this perfume, its perfect for this weather and smells divine in winter especially on christmas day, i just love it. Since i got my first bottle, i have never looked back, i keep repurchasing anytime it runs out. It's sweet, warm, gentle and timeless, last longer on me, the smell is strong and musky, extremely sophisticated and i feel very sexy when i have it on! I so recommend it to you.

BOLD BROWS- I have been copying this look for a while now and have even talked some of my clients into doing same, it's quite pretty and different, it also save me alot of time as i don't have to create perfect brows because they can look messy and still look fly. They just make my face pop more and allow me grow my natural brows even more. Just use a brown brow pencil to stroke and acheive this look.

WINGED OUT LINER- Cat eyes are so in right now, the bolder and darker and bigger, the better! Your eyes will look sharp and long, this look gives you a smoky eye kind of effect without the eyeshadows, combine pencil and liquid and smudge both together to create this timeless look.

I hope you like my picks just as much as i like them, Have a relaxed weekend and stay blessed.  xoxo bynki

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