Sunday, 15 September 2013

Fall Trend....
Sleek Lipstick

The lastest trend for Fall is Berry, a deep dark plum colour (straight from the just concluded NYFW and ongoing LFW runways) and you can infuse this colour into anything from your lips to eyeshadows, nail polish to even your clothes. I am so on board with this colour and i am rocking it all the way with this lipstick from Sleek in Cherry Brandy £4.50, i love to always have a feel of whatever the season trend has to offer and incoporate it into one or two of my looks. Always remember to buy affordable products if you like to follow trend as they tend to change quickly and you don't want to run out of pocket, there are lots and loads of amazing good quality products out there for you to save on and still get the best delivered especially with beauty and makeup items. What's your favourite colour for Fall?  xoxo bynki


  1. Where did you get this sleek shade to buy, I can't find it anywhere, looks so good on you

  2. Thanks, i got mine from an Afro store, i believe you can find the shade there