Monday, 11 November 2013

Mac's Lustre Drops

This is the awesome Mac lustre drops and am i glad to have it! I used this drop all through summer and still using it this winter as well although it's more pratical to use during summer, but Hey i just love the glow it gives and can't limit myself to using it only in summer. It's a liquid shimmering sun highlighter and can be used for many things, i use them on brides as well because there are so dope and make me look so radiant!

It's slightly thick in rich golden texture but sheers out once applied, it's a very easy product to work with and i like to mix it with moisturizer or foundation to give an instant glow and glamourous look or use it to highlight my cheekbone / other areas to create a luminous finish, this product has many multipurpose use. It comes in a small petite bottle with a tiny nozzle to dot the drops, a little goes a long way and it can last you a long time. It comes in three shades Sun Rush, Pink Rebel and LE Barbados Girl, i love this product so much ,i even use it during winter. How are you guys preparing for Christmas? Shopping list sorted? well my beauty gift goodies are still coming and i will be posting details to help you find the perfect gift. Have a wonderful week,  xoxo bynki

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