Monday, 4 November 2013

Mac Holiday Collection Gift Set 2013

The Holiday season is here and almost every makeup brands are coming out with their Christmas holiday gift set which i am so excited about. I got my hands on quite a few and this is one of them, Mac Mineralize Brush Set from their stroke of midnight collection.

It contains four Mac fiber brushes for the face/eye and a carry purse to store the brushes when travelling, this set is one of the several new brush set they realeased amongst other set. The colour combination is very pretty and very me as i like black and white cordinated colours, the brushes have both colours featured on them with a gold circle accent between the black and white handle, the brush bag has pretty much the same colour theme and it's nice enough to carry as a night out bag if you want to. Now unto the brushes, there are four mini duo fiber brushes in the set

187 duo fiber face brush
159 duo fiber blush brush
286 duo fiber tapered blending brush  for eye
287 duo fiber eyeshadow brush

The duo fiber brushes from Mac are one of the most popular from their range and they are very good because they pick up very little products and they also blend effortlessly

They are very light weight too and feel super soft which is a good thing, i don't own many Mac brushes simply because of the price, i feel like they are too expensive although i know they are the best and can last you well over 12 years if you care for them properly so you can imagine my excitement when i saw this set from their holiday gift, i knew i had to get one especially because the price was so affordable.

They look and feel sturdy enough just like the full sized ones and feel firm to the hands, the only thing am not too sure about is the size. Yes i know there are mini brushes but i wasn't expecting it this small maybe because this is my first time buying their gift set brushes, although they feel firm like i said, they are just too small for my hand and for me to work with but i guess for the price, it's quite a massive bargain so no complain.

So far, they haven't shed one bit  and i do think it is a fanstatic set especially for those that like duo fiber brushes. It's a must have for makeup artist for themselves or a makeup lover or even as a gift to friends/family as you get four brushes for a mere £42 compared to their permanent collection which starts from £27 per brush. Overall i am very happy and do recommend it to those (like me) trying to get their hands on Mac brushes without paying the expensive price. I love Mac brushes and hopefully with time, i will build up my entire work kit with their brushes. This set and other set from their Christmas collection is available now at Mac counters and online, if you want one, buy them now before they sell out and Yes they will sell out because they are limited editions. Have a great week everyone and Thanks for stopping by.  xoxo bynki

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