Tuesday, 19 November 2013

RC Kabuki Brush Set Review


I finally got my hands on another talked about brush in makeup world, A four piece kabuki brush set from RC-Comestics, it's a supposed dupe for the popular Sigma kabuki brush set. Almost every review i have seen about this brush says it's even better than the sigma set and the most interesting part is the price, it's $38.95 for the set but currently on sale for $19.95 from the royal care website. The price was too good to be true, i had to jump on the band wagon and i ordered the four piece kabuki set and the four piece eye set in gold details, (it has the set in black detail too), i ordered the brush holder case as well. I have started using them and can now do my own review on them especially because the rave for this brush is mainly centered amongst the American market than here in the UK


Let me start by saying OMG, these brushes are amazing! The face set has four brushes

Pointed kabuki foundation brush
Small kabuki round dome brush
Angled kabubki brush
Flat top kabuki brush

The flat top kabuki brush is the most popular as it has been compared by many to the sigma F80 brush, in my opinion, this one beats sigma hands down. I used it for my liquid foundation and it gave me a flawless finish with very little product, i was abit skeptical but these brushes performed excellently well. They are super soft and very dense, i still can't believe the price for this very quality brush. They look and feel sturdy and the details are intact, i have washed them twice already and no shedding, i was expecting some kind of shedding since i knew there weren't high end brush but they proved me wrong and i can very well say that i am overly impressed and shout out to RC COMESTICS for providing us with high quality brush without the hefty price attached to quality brushes from high end brand. These brushes are perfect because i put them to test for different use just to see if they can serve other purpose other than their suppose use and they delivered.


I also got this leather case brush holder to store the brushes, they look very well made and not cheap at all, you can open them in two to store your brushes at home or pin them together to hold and store your brushes for when you are travelling, they can hold up to 10 brushes. Honestly this case is more than what i expected and i am very happy with it.


In conclusion these brushes are very good, they are really soft and have the same look and quality as sigma, they are feel perfect to the skin, blend very well and are inexpensive. The brand also carry other professional makeup products for the eyes, lips, cheek and face, totally great quality brushes from my personal experience and i will be purchasing more of their products because you really do get good quality for a low price! Toodles.  xoxo bynki

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