Monday, 16 December 2013

Mac's Soft Ochre Paint Pot Review

This is Mac's paint pot and it's one of my favourite primer that i use for the eyes. It's a highly pigmented eye colour base used under eyeshadows to help the colours more vibrant and longlasting. The formula is cream based and is quite thick, it goes on creamy when applied and then dries to give a hard finish, this help your shadows stay put on the eyelids especially powder shadows as they adhere better. This shade is called Soft Ochre and Mac describes it as a yellow beige, it suits me perfectly and also my clients with yellow undertone. When applied properly, eyeshadows can last anywhere between 6-9 hours, mine last all day without any creasing or fading and i always keep the lid on tight to avoid it drying out.

I usually apply my Urban Decay primer potion most times before i apply this on top (mostly on brides), this helps conceal any redness, vein and oil on the lid. The product is matte, smooth and does'nt have any smell to it, i do advice however that you apply it very fast  because it dries out quickly and then it becomes difficult to blend across the lids. I like to apply mine with my finger instead of a brush, this is to warm up the product.

I like the packaging too, it's very simple, sleek and sturdy, it's travel safe as well with minimum space to take (only 5gr), the only fear i have is because it's glass, am often careful not to drop it. Overall i really like the texture and definitely want to pick up some other shades, i highly recommend it because it does what it says and will also last you a long time. The weather has been quite wet and i hope it hasn't affected your shopping especially as this week is set to be the busiest before Christmas, i still have a few things left to buy but i'm been very careful as my wallet is already looking empty and empty and empty. Off to the shop now to place an order for my turkey, i wish you all a stress free week. Toodles, xoxo  bynki

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